Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Daffodil Tea Cosy

This is my latest contribution to the tea cosy project for Towneley Hall in Burnley.The Daffodil tea cosy. The pattern is from the Scrap Crochet book that I bought last week and is designed by Lisa Marchand Harris. I used up scraps of double knitting.

I was supposed to go with Rachael from Artyarn today up to Towneley Hall but it was raining and cold and as she was going to be outside for a lot of the time we decided that today was not a good day for me to go with her. I am hopefully going up with her on Thursday when we will take all the finished tea cosies up from the shop to the Hall.

I have started a crocheted version of the Baby Surprise Jacket but as it is crocheted in a strange way if I posted a photo of it tonight then it would just be a stripy strip. I am still not sure which bit I am actually crocheting as it is made in a different way to the knitted version. It is a different pattern to the crocheted BSJ that I made before so I am interested to see how it turns out. It's so difficult to judge the size when you don't know which bit you are crocheting. After I have made one then I will know the method.

My knees kept me awake for most of the night so it was probably just as well that I wasn't going out today. I had a PJ day today instead and spent it junked up on painkillers that don't seem to work anymore. Sylvia's legs are giving her real problems as well so we have a little 'moan about legs' phone call most days. Like me she has decided to go for the wooden leg and the parrot look if our leg problems go on for much longer.

Today I had a little old guy keep ringing me. He wanted the chemists and I kept telling him he had the wrong number. All he kept saying was speak up I can't hear you. I finished up yelling down the phone that I was not the chemists and he had the wrong number and he said I am not ringing you any more because you keep mumbling !! I thought I was back at work for a moment. At work I used to dread answering the phone as all the weirdo claimants seemed to have my extension number. Oh happy days.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, that poor little old man. And poor you. I couldn't help but laugh though. I had a guy call me the other night (2 a.m. actually) wanting "Jose." I said "There's no Jose here" and in Spanish he rattled off a whole bunch of stuff and ended with "eh?" He couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand him -- so you'd have thought he'd figure out he had the wrong number. That or I was getting an obscene phone call in Spanish and didn't know it. ;-)

I started that same sweater and set it aside -- waiting for you to make it -- so I can figure out what the heck . . . ? ? ? ?

Barbara said...

Oh you to are just tooo funny!ROFLMAO I try not to answer the phone if I can help it. hehe

Hugs XX