Monday, 21 June 2010

Out For Sunday Dinner

Yesterday I was invited up to my friend Sylvia's house for dinner. Dinner always tastes so much nicer when I don't have to cook it. Thanks Sylvia for making the effort to cook for me even though your legs are so painful.

I took up the the babies cardigans and blankets as well as the grey aran jacket that I made for Sylvia. I had thought to myself. That's a couple of bags less in my dining room. Wrong! As the baby will grow she gave me some more bags of wool to make slightly larger sizes for him as he grow.

I do wish that I could show you photos of the new baby. He is a lovely wee thing with quite a lot of dark hair. As he is in the foster system it is important to keep his whereabouts unknown as someone from his family may see his photos on here and it is vital for his well being that he stays anonymous until his fate is decided. As babies come into foster care for all kinds of different reasons some go back home and some go for adoption but the courts decide on each individual situation. You will have to trust me when I say that he is a real cutie. I didn't hold him as I don't believe in messing tiny babies about. He is only just to term and so sleeps most of the time. I will hold him when he gets bigger and more awake. He has his little routine that he is used to as he was in hospital for a couple of weeks. At first he was tube fed but has now found out what his mouth is for and is guzzling his milk like a trouper. It won't be long before he catches up with other newborn babies. He is getting weighed today so might reach 6lbs today as he has filled out in the week that Sylvia has had him.I wish that my son had been half as good as this baby. He never slept not even as a newborn. Grrr.

I managed to finish off the white knitted baby cardigan whilst I was up at Sylvia's. It is from a very old pattern that actually came from one of those Mum and Baby magazines. I like it because you knit the bands in as you go along so there are no stitches to pick up afterwards. The pattern goes up to a 24" chest so I will be using it more times now that I have found the pattern again. As it was printed out on a sheet of paper I mislaid it for a while.

I didn't start anything else last night so today I might have a change and start something that isn't a baby jacket but then again I did promise Rindy that I would test out one of her patterns in a larger size. Decisions decisions. At least I have got some more wool in blue shades in the bags that Sylvia gave me yesterday so the poor baby won't have to wear pink! I may try out the larger crochet jacket in pink though as Sylvia's friend has a foster baby girl who is a few months old and needs larger sizes.

I had promised myself that I would do some housework today but the sun is shining and the garden is calling to me to come sit outside as there won't be many nice days so make the most of today. I can do housework when it rains.

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