Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Tea Cosy For Towneley Hall Burnley

I have finished off the tea cosy that I started last Sunday when I went to Burnley to knit tea cosies for Towneley Hall. it is inspired by a couple of the teapots in the collection that have delicate flowers on them, This tea cosy is meant to be a flower basket with flowers spilling out of it.

I have also crocheted some flowers and leaves to finish off the 3 colours of pink tea cosy that I made on Saturday and Sunday whilst in the shop. I hope to take photos of it finished when I hopefully get back to the shop on Tuesday or Wednesday. The tea cosy is striped with pale pink at the top medium pink in the middle and deep pink at the base. The flowers represent the colours in the tea cosy.

The baby blanket is now dry and folded up ready to be collected. Sylvia lives just that bit too far away for me to nip on a bus to deliver it. She banged her damaged leg last weekend and is going to see a specialist next week. I don't think we have a good pair of legs between us.I keep looking at mobility scooters but by the time I get one big enough to support my weight then it will be too big to be allowed on buses and trams. It would be great to have one to shop in the local shops. The small ones not only have a weight limit but would not be powerful enough to get me up the hills where my house is situated.Maybe I should enquire if they have free test drives before I buy one. I would probably have to buy a second hand one anyway as they are so expensive. I will wait and hope that they renew my DLA payments to help to pay for one.

The weather is cooler today but still warm enough to have the doors and windows open. I think I will start another tea cosy and sit in the garden to crochet it this afternoon. I will photograph the Tunisian book tomorrow when there is room on my blog to feature it.

Poppy has been in for her morning visit. She had a sleep, sniffed around and then left. Buster totally ignored her which is good. At least it shows that he accepts the way she trots in and out of my house as if it was her own. He no longer growls at her.

Time for a spot of lunch now and then off into the garden. I just hope that we don't have the rain and thunderstorm like yesterday.


Beansieleigh said...

Love this tea cosy Jan, and can't wait to see the pink one too!.. Your bunny blanket is adorable!.. Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

glor said...

Beautiful crocheting. The tea cozy is lovely, the blanket adorable.

Enid said...

you have been very busy again this week. Lovely work, and great colour combinations.
did you get out into the garden?

June said...

Lovely tea cosy Jan and done in Tunisian stitch too. The flowers on the top really look attractive and I also like the baby blanket. You are doing so well with your Tunisian crochet. Hope you had a good crochet session in the garden.

Vivian said...

I am continually in awe of your talents. The tea cosy and flowers are absolutely beautiful!