Sunday, 13 June 2010

Learning Tunisian Crochet

I have spent a couple of hours today watching the DVD that came with one of the Learn Tunisian books. The DVD was very informative but I did get slightly irritated by the way they pronounced the word as Tooneezian all through the DVD. I think that I have mastered the basic stitch now but my tension is still way too slack and for this pattern I am using a 4.50 hook when the pattern calls for a 6mm hook! My piece has a couple of mistakes in it but hopefully they are not too noticeable when the cardigan is finished. I am using one of Kay Jones Tunisian baby cardigan patterns.

I don't think that Tunisian crochet will ever take the place of ordinary crochet as far as I am concerned. I find it to be slower than crochet and slower than knitting. I know that I am a beginner, and therefore slow, but it's the actual technique of holding the hook and the yarn that I am having difficulty with and I can see that if I did a lot of Tunisian then my poor wrists would ache like mad. I am glad to learn a new skill though as I like to widen my crafting skills. I think that Tunisian will be something that I slot in between the crochet and the knitting.

I have finished another little baby jacket, using the basic pattern by Rindy, but adding a few improvisations of my own. I worked as the pattern until I divided for the armholes. I then changed to an alternating UK treble and double crochet for the bottom of the coat. I only had one 50 gram ball of the cream so once that ran out I introduced a couple of colours to make the little jacket long enough. I was going to use two shades of blue but I decided that these two shades of green toned better with the cream. Ana Luisa, you asked for an easy pattern well these patterns by Rindy, which are free on Ravelry, are top down and easy peasy. Rindy (Gabbyknitter) has made many different versions of her basic jackets using many different colours and stripe patterns. As she is making them all for charity I say well done to her.

Today it is raining again and has gone a bit cold. I have a good reason not to do anything else except concentrate on learning the Tunisian stitches. I have started crocheting another jacket with the Rindy pattern which should be finished by tomorrow. I am using some of my 50 gram balls up to make small baby jackets.

Time for a coffee and then back to the hook attached to the bendy wiggly wire.


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with the bendy wire hooks too. I do much better with the long bamboo hooks. How are you holding your hook? I can't hold it like a short hook. I have to hold it gripped in the center of my palm. Like cutting with a knife only not with my finger pointed, just gripped around. Anyway, not sure that makes sense. I think your stitches look awesome. Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I think we're doing the same pattern! Is it 216? I started it last night.

Ana Luisa said...

Well done on the tunisian (or afghan) stitch! I learned it a long time ago, just by reading the instructions in a book I have, it seems quite easy to me.
Thanks for the Ravlery freebie you mentioned; I do have it downloaded, just need to print it off. I'm so envioues of your designing skills, I hope I can do something equally as good!
Have a good day!