Friday, 25 June 2010

Short and Sweet (but longer)

I am not sure what to call this now it is finished. Short and Sweet (but longer) or Long and Sweet? Whatever name it goes by it is basically the Short and Sweet shrug by Angela Best from the Happy Hooker Stitch and Bitch book but with longer sleeves and body. Oh and I should also mention that I made it in a finer wool so I have a lot more pattern rows to this shrug than on the pattern

As usual with a US pattern I am never sure what they mean by medium worsted 4 weight. The first time that I made it I used a UK aran weight and whilst it did come out nearer to the size on the pattern my niece found it to be far too heavy for a summer shrug. Since then I have used a UK double knit, crocheted larger sizes than I needed and just added more rows to the pattern.

I had to hold the shrug together with my scarf pin as it hasn't been blocked yet and kept curling under whilst I was trying to take it's photo. The pattern will spread when it is blocked so it will widen out and the bands will stop curling.

I had some good news today in the post. I got a letter saying that I have passed my pre operation tests. I am just waiting now for the confirmation letter saying that my operation will go ahead as planned in July. Just because I passed one bit doesn't automatically mean that I will get the operation. It is still up to the surgeon to make the final decision. I have been cancelled on the day of operations twice in the past. I once got to the operating room doors when they decided to cancel me. I never get worried about operations as I don't believe thay are going ahead until I wake up in the recovery room. When I was having my tonsils taken out I woke up still with them. When they started the operation they discovered that I had an ulcerated throat way down where they hadn't seen it so the surgeon cancelled the operation because of the risk of infection.

I think that I will start another baby jacket tonight. My niece is coming tomorrow to do my roots for me. I have left the roots showing on my hair longer than I would usually do because I wanted them to be done not only for my operation but that they would look OK for a few weeks afterwards when I am going to struggle to shower etc. I know that I have to wear surgical socks on both legs for a few weeks but I am not sure how long the dressings underneath will have to stay dry. Luckily my shower head detaches so at least I can wash one half of my body! Perhaps I can tape a large bin bag liner to the other leg?

It's a duller day today with signs of rain. I still have the patio door and the windows open though as it is quite a warm muggy day. No sign of Poppy today as yet but there is still time when they come home from work later. I must have missed her this morning. She has left me some scrabble marks on the patio door window to let me know that she was around.

Last night I was awakened by a yowling cat fight. I live on a street of cats who stay out all night. Sometimes they sound just like babies crying. I always have to get up and check that they are OK. I am nervous ever since my late cat was in a face off with a fox many years ago. Luckily when I opened the door the fox shot off and the cat came indoors. I am not sure what would have happened if I hadn't woken up.We live so close to woodland that we often get foxes prowling about during the night and I have seen them in my back garden regularly. They trigger my security light.

Time to decide what to make for dinner but I think I will choose my next project over a cup of coffee first. I am not that hungry yet.


Ana Luisa said...

The bolero looks gorgeous, well done!
I agree with you on the yarn weights, sometimes they are too heavy/bulky, and I don't what they mean anyway!! ::LOL::
Take care and hope all goes well for you on the operation.

June said...

I really like your version of the Short and Sweet. Glad you had good news about your operation. Fingers crossed it will go ahead this time.

Anonymous said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !

marg41 said...

You are so very clever. The bolero is beautiful. Good news about your letter. Let us hope that things progress from here. I do more knitting than crochet, as I am not good at reading a crochet pattern!