Saturday, 12 June 2010

Another Crocheted Baby Surprise Jacket

I decided to make the second baby Surprise jacket in normal UK double crochet stitch as although going into one loop looks attractive, like ribbing, I found it awkward to do all the time and kept going wrong if I wasn't concentrating. The wool I have used for this one is James C Brett Marble double knitting shade MT20 and as it was a slightly thicker double knit than the James C Brett Bliss baby DK of the first jacket the second one has come out slightly larger and taken approx 150 grams this time.Babies grow all of the time so it is good to have slightly bigger sizes. The pattern is one by Jenny King that I bought through Ravelry and I found it very easy to follow.It's not one of those complicated patterns that blinds you with science. Just states everything you need to know with just a couple of pages.

I had a visit from my two nieces today. I see my locally living niece quite often but only see the London based niece every 2 or 3 months so it was nice to see her.

The exhibition of the tea pots and tea cosies is on display at Towneley Hall, Burnley. Rachael was up yesterday to take photos but unfortunately the fire alarm sounded ( false alarm) and so everyone had to evacuate the building before she finished taking the photos. I have been invited to go back up with her on Monday to finish taking the photos so I will take my camera and hopefully have photos for the Tuesday blog. I probably won't write anything on Monday as hopefully I am going on to the Knit Club afterwards and probably won't be in the blogging mood when I get back from that.

Today is quite sunny and warm when the sun comes out. I haven't been sitting in the garden crocheting but I do have washing drying on the line and Poppy, the little terrier, visiting me through the open patio doors from time to time. The only sounds that I can hear are the whirring of lawn mowers as people who work during the week are taking advantage of this bit of sun to do some work in their gardens.

I have started another really easy baby jacket pattern by Rindy. They are very basic crochet but great for using up those odd 50 grams of baby DK wool, that you get left over, if you trim them with a bit of contrast colour.I am making a cream one and have 50 grams of white lined up for another one 50 grams of DK makes very little else except for hats and mitts and hopefully they won't be needed in the summer months.