Saturday, 19 June 2010

Two Premature Crochet Baby Jackets

I have managed to finish off the other two premature baby jackets ready for my visit to the foster Mum Sylvia and baby tomorrow. I am also knitting a baby jacket in white but as that is a bit larger it is not wanted as urgently as the very small ones are. The three jackets that I have made are very tiny and will only fit him for a couple of weeks but everything else is far too big for him at the moment. I don't want to make too many preemie sized ones as he will grow quite quickly and then will need a newborn size very soon.

The white jacket is one that I adapted from a plain crochet jacket. I altered the pattern stitch and made it smaller by using 4ply wool and a 3mm hook. The stitch is an alternating round the front loop UK treble and ordinary treble on the right side and UK double crochet on the wrong side.

The blue jacket is from pattern 99 by Kay Jones. Once again I made it smaller to fit a preemie by using 4ply instead of the Double Knit specified on the pattern and I used a 3mm hook. The stitch is once again UK treble worked around the stitch to make a rib effect.

I am looking forward to going out tomorrow although rain is forecast. Today has been sunny but windy. Poppy came in for her usual look around and to leave a deposit on my lawn. I took her back home after a while and then she came straight back in the patio door and slept on the sofa snoring away, much louder than a little terrier should, for about 2 hours. Eventually I could hear her owner Julie shouting her. They had thought that she was under the bed sleeping, with the other dog, and had been out shopping. They were alarmed when they got in to find they only had one dog in the house. Poppy was OK with me. My house is fairly quiet and I think that she likes to sleep in peace as she is an elderly dog. I leave the patio door open and she comes in and goes out as she pleases. She has worked out how to sneak under the joint privet hedge and into my garden. My garden is enclosed on 3 sides by fencing so she can't get any further.

I have had a quiet day as my knees are not having a good day. Tonight is a 'try to find something interesting to watch on TV that isn't football' night and do a bit more of the knitted baby coat. For now though it's time for a bit of fish for dinner.


June said...

Lovely little cardigans for the premature baby. They will be so useful for Sylvia and her foster baby. Have a good day tomorrow Jan.

Mad about Craft said...

Love the white cardi!

You've got the best of both worlds with Poppy - her company but no food or vet's bills.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, they are adorable. Very precious.

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Oh this is so lovely! What a gorgeous stitch you've use for it. Really nice. If you like, you can join the link party on my blog. It's there every Saturday and I would really love it if you add something.