Sunday, 6 June 2010

Another Tunisian Lace Stitch book

As promised here are some photos of the contents of the first Tunisian book that came last week. It is published by Annie's Attic 879552 and is by Kim Guzman. It is a learn to do Tunisian lace stitches with interactive DVD.

There are 10 Tunisian swatches and the DVD so if I can't learn with this book or the other book then Beverooni assures me that there are many videos on You Tube as well.

The blue afghan is bobbles in the throw. I do like the stitch but unless Tunisian stitch is far quicker than crochet then I think I would only use the bobble stitch for a pram rug.

The table runner is another thing I would not make but I do like the pattern stitch.

The bonny waves wrap looks like stocking stitch knitting with lace panels so it would an interesting stitch to try.

The pink peek-a-boo throw is another nice stitch that I would possibly use on a baby blanket.

The blue symphony capelet is not for me. I prefer a shawl any day but it does, once again, have a pretty stitch.

The carnival market bag is very loose and so I would be afraid of putting anything in it that weighed heavy as I once crocheted a market bag and it, and the handles, just kept on growing every time I used it. Maybe if I had tried it in twine or a dishcloth cotton it would have kept it's shape.

The starburst cloche and scarf is a pretty lacy pattern and this is something that I might make for presents for Christmas.

The Green rolled collar wrap is very openwork and would work as an evening shawl or a decorative stole for a wedding.

The swirls baby afghan is pretty but I always found that round shawls were not as useful as a square one when my son was small. They are fine to wrap around a very young baby but look funny on the moses basket or the stroller later.

The orange opulent shells wrap is once again a pretty lacy stitch but more decorative than functional.

I still have to find out which of the two books will be the best one for me to learn from. Maybe having a DVD will make it easier but the other book does have much clearer diagrams to show the methods and the stitches.

I am still crocheting flowers for another tea cosy which will hopefully be finished by tomorrow, I have lots of ideas buzzing in my head for tea cosies but not enough time to make them before they are wanted for Towneley Hall. I will just press on and make as many as I can.

Buster went home today but is coming back in a couple of weeks time. I will carry on having him for the weekends my son is away until I go into hospital which at the rate I have been waiting will probably not be until the end of the Summer anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am GREEN with envy. Such beautiful patterns. I agree with you on the blanket stitches and also on the caplet. I'd probably never wear one and the one I made for my mother I don't think has ever been worn either. Guess it depends on the person. Beautiful things. Can't wait for you to try something. I'm really excited for you.