Friday, 4 June 2010

Learn Tunisian Crochet - No Excuse Now

I have no excuse for not learning how to do Tunisian crochet now. My second book came today. This book seems to have clearer diagrams but the other book does come with a DVD. Actually I do have an excuse for not starting to learn Tunisian as I am still finishing off a couple of tea cosies for Towneley Hall and I don't want to get distracted.

This books is called Tunisian crochet - the look of knitting with the ease of crocheting and is by Sharon Hernes Silverman. The sweater on the front cover is sleeveless which is a shame as I think that it would look better with sleeves.

The chain mail scarf looks like an easy project to start with. The wild and woolly wrap looks like a quick make but I am not that good at working with thick and thin slubbed wool and I think that the wool makes this wrap. I will have to look for some chunky that has different colours but not different thicknesses. Maybe I will find Tunisian easier with slubbed wools. I struggle with it in ordinary crochet. I can't get my tension right.

The shimmer shawl is more of a stole. Once again the gorgeous wool makes the garment what it is. They have used a rayon metallic thread which gives it that luxury look.

The blue ladders and lattice duster is a little openwork for my taste. I am the kind of girl who gets hooked up on every doorknob and door handle so this one is not for me.

The men's tank is something that I wouldn't make. Once again if it was a sweater then I would consider it.

The hug a licious jumper ( pinafore dress in my language) is a possibilty for a little girl. The sweet dreams white baby blanket is a nice close stitch so that is definitely a possibility once I have learned Tunisian.

The brown and beige afghan is pretty but that is something that I have never made. Shawls and baby blankets yes but afghans no. I think that I would lack the staying power and get bored half way through one.

The cushion is another project that would be a good one to start with. I think I should start small and aim higher.

The book also has a fleted clutch bag,a child's striped sweater,a plain cushion, and some placemats in an interesting different colours on every row design.

I have finished off the small baby blanket. It has turned out square and I added a bunny to it to finish it off. My bunny does look rather lop sided with crooked ears but still at least it livens up the blanket.

Tonight I am finishing off a tea cosy with flowers atop and making some flowers for the tea cosy that I made last week and didn't finish off. There won't be any photos of that one until later as I left it up in Burnley.

Dinner time - I can smell freshly cooked chicken in the oven. Yum Yum.

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