Friday, 18 June 2010

Pre Op Test Day

Yesterday was the day I had to visit the hospital for my second set of pre op tests for my knee operation. I am now waiting to find out what they found wrong this time and even if there is nothing wrong then the weight issue is raising it's ugly head once more. According to the nurse the surgeons have said no operations ( unless urgent) for anyone whose BMI is over 40 and mine is 43. My tests show that apart from my weight my lungs and heart are perfectly healthy but apparently that doesn't matter. To get any help with my weight I would have to have a BMI of 50 or more, It seems that if your BMI is in the 40's then you are in no man's land. Not considered fat enough for help and too fat for an operation.

The nurse said she would let me know one way or the other but I have not had a phone call so far. I still might get a phone call this afternoon or maybe Monday. I cannot even think about the operation until I get told that it is definitely going ahead. It seems to me that if you have money and can pay you get things done. If they had given me a knee replacement instead of the arthroscopy then my BMI would have been OK. The good news is that I haven't put any weight on in the last 9 months even though I thought that I had. Unfortunately I do weigh more than when I had my last operation 18 months ago. I got very upset when the nurse said that my weight could stop me from having this operation on the date that I have been given. I told her that I am getting really pissed off and already on medication for depression. I must have shown how upset I was as she kept telling me to calm down and stop worrying and that everything would be OK. I said how can you say that when you have just told me that the surgeons won't operate on anyone considered to be overweight?

I travelled to hospital on the slowest bus 484 in Manchester. The good thing to come out of an hour long journey both ways was that I managed to crochet a back and two fronts of a very tiny blue cardigan on the bus. I have finished one tiny blue crocheted double breasted cardigan but now have 3 things on the hook and needle. The blue jacket I started yesterday just requires stitching together and the bands crocheting. The white crochet jacket only has a back crocheted so far and the knitted cardigan only has about 4" knitted. I think that I have some work to do this weekend.

I am hopefully going to visit the foster baby and take his jackets with me. I intended to go today but am waiting in for the phone call that probably won't come. I have decided to go now on Sunday which means I will have to set off earlier than I intended as it is the local Carnival and they will close off the main road for hours so that the procession can walk down the main road. I need to leave my house before the road closes around 12.30pm.

My little furry friend Poppy came to visit me this morning and fell asleep on the carpet for an hour or so. I think that she likes sleeping on carpet as her owners have laminate flooring. They came to find her after a while. I said she only comes to leave me a parcel on the lawn and for a sleep! I must remember to pick them all up before the gardener comes on Monday.

Time for a coffee and carry on with my baby jackets. Today is miserable and rainy. Quite a change from the lovely sunshine we had yesterday. I never know what to wear these days. I usually wear layers and then I can add one or take one off depending on the weather.


Debi Y. said...

The little baby jackets are so cute. :)

Hope all goes well with you so you can have your operation.

Anonymous said...

Chin up. Things have a way of working themselves out. You'll get a call saying it's on. I just know it.

The jackets are all so darling. Absolutely beautiful, Jan.

marg41 said...

So sorry about your visit to the hospital, fingers crossed that they ring you soon and you get a good result. Love the beautiful jackets. Stay well Jan.