Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Crochet Baby Surprise Jacket

I am crocheting Jenny King's version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket.I was a bit puzzled as to which bit I was crocheting when I started but I think I know which way to fold it all once it is finished.The pattern is available to buy from Ravelry or if you click on my blog title it will take you to the web page.

I am making it from James C Brett's Bliss Baby DK and using a smaller hook as it is for a new born baby. I can't say that I am enjoying working into only one loop of the double crochet and whilst I admire it's ribbed effect I think that I would make it in plain dc next time. By the way the instructions are in UK/Australian terms which confused me at first as I am so used to converting from US to UK. I started it in UK trebles thinking that the pattern's dc were trebles to me but I soon realised that it was wrong when it was turning out rather loose and floppy. The wool was chosen as it has long colour length changes in order to make the striped effect. The pattern states Noro Silk Garden but that is too expensive for a new baby although I must admit that the colours are terrific.

The old deaf guy from yesterday didn't ring me back again but Bev's comments reminded me of wrong numbers from the past. Why do they always ring around 2am? I had a man phone me demanding to speak to Mandy. When I told him that Mandy didn't live here he started ranting on about I didn't want him to marry my daughter because he was Pakistani. I said that I wasn't racist and if I had a daughter and she was in love with him then she could marry him but as I only have a son (who isn't gay) then I couldn't be his mother in law. He ranted on and on and then said that I wouldn't stop him from seeing her. I said that's OK with me and put the phone down.

Another was an irate lady demanding that I go and look for her husband in the bar and send him home. She was convinced that she had rung the local snooker hall and would not take 'wrong number' as an answer. In the end I asked for his name told her I would send him home and put the phone down. Needless to say I took the phone off the hook after that. I do hope that her husband went home eventually!

I had phone call this morning saying that providing I pass another pre operative test then I am scheduled for my first replacement knee surgery on the 6th July. I am not excited in the least as I still have the feeling that something will go wrong and I won't get the operation. With my track record anything can happen. Fingers crossed for me please that they don't find anything wrong again at the pre op tests. I had another rotten night last night so I will welcome anything that can stop some of the pain.

I am not going up to Burnley today as it is another windy, cold and it looks like rain day. Is this really June? It's freezing here in Manchester. I doubt if I will get to wear any summer clothes this year. Hopefully I will make it up to Towneley Hall tomorrow as I am really looking forward to seeing the tea cosies on display.


Anonymous said...

It's coming out very cute, Jan. I think the yarn you chose is absolutely perfect. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and today its 50. I think Mother Nature must have Alzheimers.

June said...

That really is a surprise jacket. Quite amazing how it changes into a lovely baby jacket from such a strange shape. I agree, Noro is not really suitable for a young baby. Your choice of yarn is much better.