Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wakey Wakey

Last night I went to bed as usual, and as usual tossed and turned trying to get to sleep. Last night was worse than usual so at 4am I gave up and came downstairs for a drink and to watch some TV to see if that sent me to sleep. By 7.30am I had made some breakfast and when I went upstairs to shower and get ready for the day I suddenly felt really tired. I decided to lay on the bed for a short rest and woke up at 1.30pm. My body clock is so out of sync. Why can I not fall asleep during the night and yet sleep for almost 6 hours when I should be awake? Now I am wide awake and probably will be tonight when I try to lie down for a sleep. I have tried everything. Milky drinks, duvet on, duvet off, electric fan on or off, nightdress on or off and nothing has worked. I just toss about all night and can't seem to fall into that deep sleep that we all need.

Ironically enough a letter came today about the sleep study I did a month or so ago. The results were inconclusive as I was tossing and turning about and not falling into a deep sleep so they are going to repeat the study after my knee operation. The good news is that the CPAP machine is keeping my blood oxygenated.

I am still dithering crochet wise. I started the Blue Heaven Sweater from the Crochet Closet book by Lisa Gentry. I am jiggling about with wool as usual as I would like to make it a little longer but as the wool is from my stash a long time ago I cannot match it. I have therefore made one of the sleeves first to see how much length I can put into the body with the wool that I have left over. Being on the rounded side (fat) I do prefer things a little longer to cover the big butt.

I also started Springy Jacket by K Hay from the May/June issue of Crochet today but it seems to be coming out on the small side which is unusual for me as normally I have to downsize my hook to get the tension right. I am sure that it will fit one foster baby even if it turns out a bit small for the baby it is intended for. I only have 100 grams of the James C Brett baby wool so I can't afford to unrip it and start a larger size.

Talking about Crochet Today the latest version arrived in the post today. As usual with any crochet magazine there are just a couple of things in it that catch my eye. I like the cover wrap and the blue sleeveless cardi if I could add a few more rows on the arms to cover the old bingo wings. I like my shoulders to be a little more covered in a deeper cap sleeve. Whilst the bag is cute I am not really into crochet bags as they droop unless they are well lined and as I am no seamstress and my machine is broken that means that the bag is out. The rest of the book may appeal to someone but sadly not to me. I quite like the rug but it is crocheted in a sort of pom pom yarn which I find impossible to hook with.

Today I ordered the latest edition of Inside Crochet so let's hope that there is more in there to appeal to me. When I am back from hospital I must catalogue the things that I like and which book or magazine they are in as when I am in one of my indecisive moods I can look on the list and see what I like and not have to start ploughing through all the books and mags to get inspired.

The day is three quarters over and I have not done anything except write this blog and have breakfast. What a wasted day. Still I may be up half the night instead of sleeping so will catch up on the crochet then.

Thanks once again to everyone for your good wishes. It makes me feel very loved.


Enchantments by Rhianana said...

My body schedule is set on a similar time clock. I quit trying to "fix" it and now get my best sleep between 6am and 2pm, and that's the way my body seems to like it! If you don't have a job to go to, then why not go with what your body is saying to you? Get more crocheting done late at night instead of struggling to fall asleep. I used to fight it also, but finally gave in and allowed my body to sleep when it wants to!

Mad about Craft said...

If it is any consolation the exact same thing happens to my Dad - he said this mroning he didn't sleep well but as I took him out for an appointment he could have gone back to bed!

Ana Luisa said...

I don't sleep well at all, for a long time now, and menopause has made it worse. LOL::
The magazine has such lovely projects, the cardigan especially is appealing. I've made a few crocheted bags, and have sewn in the ling by hand, I think it's easier and better.