Thursday, 3 June 2010

Scrap Crochet Book

As promised here are some photos of inside the Scrap Crochet book 879548 by Annie's attic which contains many ways to use up those annoying scraps of wool left over in stash.

The front cover shows some of the items in the book. Some of which are not photographed in detail due to lack of room.

I love the Quilt rug by Shirley Brown which is just the thing for at the side of my bed. I have a cream carpet which is becoming discoloured despite many shampoo attempts so I think this rug would be an ideal addition to my bedroom.

The Scrap Afghan by Glenda Winkleman is lovely but I would want to co-ordinate the colours as in the photo so would buy colours especially for this and not use scraps. The one pictured shows a distinct colour pattern which I think looks so nice.

The trio of trivets by Rhonda Dodds are ideal for little gifts as are the square Hot Pads by Louise Puchaty which have a flower motif in the centre and are shown on the front page of the book.

The Tape Measure covers by Frances Hughes are such a pretty way of decorating an otherwise boring plastic retractable tape measure. Again they would make lovely small tree gifts for Christmas.

The blue wrap by Ruthie Marks is a good idea as it is a cross between a stole and a shawl. Once again though I would buy toning colours to make this rather than using scrap oddments as I think it tones so well on the project in the book.

The teddy bear party pinafore by Darla Sims is a cute addition for any little girl who has a favourite teddy.

If you look on the front cover there is a pair of cute bootees and a red beaded necklace.

The back cover shows a nice striped bag,toy turtles, the spring tea cosy from yesterday's post, a string bag, glass covers, washcloths and a crinoline cosy for the washing up liquid. There is also a cushion threaded with ribbons with curlicue edging that is quite fancy.

I found a premature baby blanket that I had started a couple of years ago in my stash. I have decided to finish it for the foster baby boy even though I could only find another ball of the white. I must have used the rest for another project. It will be a small blanket but Sylvia says it will be useful for the car seat so I am going to finish it off and trim it with blue.

Buster is coming this afternoon for the weekend. If he is not coming next weekend then I hope to be able go with Rachael and watch her display the crochet and knitted things at Towneley Hall. I have never been before and have been told that it is very beautiful. I am sad that I can't go this weekend and continue working on tea cosies but I hope to make a couple more whilst I am Buster minding this weekend. It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun this weekend. Ah well my furry grandson comes first.

Poppy from next door is here visiting me at the moment. I opened the patio door as it is nice and warm today and as soon as she hears the door slide back she is in like a shot.

My other Tunisian book still hasn't arrived. It was posted Royal Mail on Saturday so it should be arriving soon. I was hopeful this morning when the postman knocked but it was with a parcel for one of my neighbours who is at work.


The Garden Bell said...

Love that scrappie af too. I would do the same and try to coordinate the scraps a little. Post if you start or a least the stitch count. I looks pretty simple.


Anonymous said...

Are those little booties in the middle of the top picture? I love all those scrappy looks. Can't wait to see what you make out of all these new books.