Monday, 28 June 2010

Pink Dalmation Crochet Baby Jacket

As I mentioned yesterday some random yarns crochet in splodges rather than in the lines that you get when it is knitted. This is why I call this jacket the pink dalmatian jacket as it has random spots or splodges all over it. I have not heard of this wool before. I had a 100 grams plus a small ball in some wool that I got donated to me ages ago. This is Chevy Cabana DK and is a sort of ripple effect yarn in acrylic. I am lucky in that people who know that I crochet baby things give me odd balls that they have left over from other things. If the donated colours are too dark then I save them for the homeless hat and scarves which I will be making nearer to the winter time. I can also incorporate some darker colours in the multi coloured shawls that I make for older ladies,

The jacket pattern is the larger sized Rindy Carpenter pattern and I changed this one by crocheting an alternating 5 treble shell with a dc in between. I just adapted a beanie in matching pattern stitch to use up the wool that I had left over from the jacket.I am making another jacket in lilac but changing the stitch at the bottom again, I do love these basic cardigans as they can be changed so much to make them individual.

I got my letter for my hospital call up. It is just over a week away. I don't want to put the date on here and announce to the world that my house will be empty on a certain date so when I disappear from blogging for a few days then you will know that day has arrived. My neighbours have been put on alert and as they have a couple of dogs who bark at the slightest cough then I feel quite secure. Plus my family have keys and will be bobbing in and out to move any mail and newspapers from the porch etc. All I have to pray is that there are no emergencies who are in the bed that I am expecting to occupy. That has happened to be a couple of times in the past. I get there and there is no bed for me so I get sent home again, or I get a phone call on the night before telling me that it is cancelled. With the NHS nothing is set in stone even when you get a date. I don't have a lap top or a a phone that has Internet so I won't be able to blog write until I come back home again. Last time I was in hospital I tried to use the Internet that was incorporated into the bedside TV and the whole thing went off and I could not even watch TV so I won't bother trying this time.

Today is one of those hot muggy days. No sunshine but still very hot. I am sure that we are in for a thunderstorm soon. The air feels so heavy that it needs a downfall of rain to clear the atmosphere. I am not sure what I am going to start next once I have finished the lilac jacket. I should try to work more on the boys knitted jackets that are still only half finished but I just can't knit when my fingers are hot and sticky. I can usually crochet though.

Time to dive into a long cold drink. Non alcoholic drink I should say as I rarely drink these days. I do have a passion for diluting my squash with carbonated water though rather than normal tap water. I try not to drink cola or other fizzy drinks because of the sickly sweet taste not to mention the extra calories even in the diet variety.


LiaGovers said...

Wow: how productive you are! Do you crochet such an article each day? :-) Really great:
The best wishes for your hospital-period any way!

Mattenylou said...

I love these baby sweaters, so cute! I'm glad to hear you've finally been given a set date, seems like you've been waiting forever.. wishing you well and that you'll be up and out walking soon! Take care!

marg41 said...

Loved the Pink Dalmation Jacket, so very cute. So pleased that you have a date for the hospital, fingers crossed that everyone stays fit and well and will not need your bed. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jane said...

I read your blog every day, although I haven't left any comment before, but I just wanted to wish you well with your operation and hope all goes well this time. Your crochet work and the sheer amount you manage to do is really inspiring. Best wishes from Jane in North London.

Berni said...

Hi there
Was going thru crochet pattern sites, and yours came up. Beautiful work. I am looking for Rindy Carpenters patterns. She has taken them off the web, and was wondering if you could send the one with the shells on the bottom.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

There isn't a pattern for the pink matinee. I started the top down plain version as Rindy's jacket but then I added the skirt of the shell pattern as an adaptation.
Whilst Rindy's patterns are not available at the moment there are several sites with very similar plain jackets that you could adapt. Try Bevscountrycottage or danettesangels web sites for some ideas.