Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Am So Indecisive

Usually when I finish off one project I know exactly what I am going to start next. Last night and today I have been dithering about. Shall I do this pattern in that or the other pattern in this other yarn. I am having an indecisive day. I am sure that I will resolve that later today. I could , of course, finish off the knitting for the boys that I started ages ago but I still somehow cannot drum up any enthusiasm for finishing these jackets no matter how guilty I feel.

I finished off a little jacket yesterday. It's another of Rindy's basic patterns once again adapted by me by altering the skirt stitch pattern. I have used a simple stitch that I call a V stitch. I am sure that you will recognise it in the close up. I might even start another baby jacket if I can't decide on anything else.

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and the love that you have all sent to me. It is much appreciated. It's nice to know that so many people are so supportive of me. I haven't as yet packed my hospital bag so it doesn't seem real to me yet but I am getting a bit nervous now. I think that all this frenzy of crocheting lately has been my nerves getting the better of me as I waited to find out if it was on or off. Maybe that is why I am indecisive today as my nerves are calming down a bit now that I have my letter. I will, of course, be packing some crochet to work on whilst I am in. I can't settle to reading but I can blank my mind with some mundane crochet that doesn't require much concentration.

In my blog title today I have included a link to Artyarn blog. I am hoping to be well enough after my op to go on the scumbling tutorial that she is hoping to organise. If you scroll down a day from this article then you will see lots of photos of sheep, bunnies and alpacas that Rachael took at Woolfest.She bought a smaller version of the peg loom in one of the photos as like me she likes to perfect new crafts and this peg loom is like simple weaving. I do like to go to places like Woolfest just to have a look around as I am interested in watching different crafts and seeing new things. I wasn't fit enough this year but I hope to re-visit it next year. Most people who went this year were remarkably restrained with their buying. I think that it is a sign of the economic times. People just don't have the cash to splash. It is so nice to feel the yarns and see them for yourself so that if you order online later at least you know what to expect. Ordering online is great for those of us who like me can't get out as much but nothing beats a good squish and fondle of something that you want to buy - not to mention that PC changes the colours somewhat and so when stuff arrives it isn't always quite what you expected.

It is rainy and a bit colder today. Still muggy though and still warm enough to wear a T shirt although I have ditched the shorts for a skirt today.

I think I really should try to make a decision on what to start next otherwise I will be cross with myself tonight when I am watching TV with nothing to crochet. I have just subscribed to Crochet today as the subscription that my sister in law gave me as a Christmas present has now run out. What to do when you can't decide what to crochet next from my vast selection of patterns - order more of course. i told you I was a bit crazy! First I should tackle dish washing. Did I mention that I hate dish washing? Almost as much as I hate ironing !!


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

sending positive thoughts for the hospital date Jan, hope all goes well and you will soon be fit for visitors:)

lalltop said...

As quick as you are making those baby sweaters you should pack at least enough yarn to make 5 while you are in the hospital and as many patterns as well. Probably you should also pack a few crochet or knit books to read during your noncrocheting moments, we wouldn't want you to be getting bored. I really hope your operation goes as planned and it gives you total relief, I am very happy for you that you finally got your letter. Take care and let us know as soon as you are home.

Cat said...

Here is hoping for a wonderful outcome and a not so bad stay at the hospital. I am rooting for you to be up and about in no time, taking care of yourself, and happily yarning away!

Good thoughts always....