Thursday, 24 June 2010

Next - The Sleeves

As usual I am crocheting the wrong way about. I normally do the sleeves before I finish off the body as a) I don't have as much weight to twist and turn about if the sleeves are crocheted onto the body and b) I find that once the sleeves are in they pull the body up making a difference to the overall length. Besides all of that I am just a perverse creature who always does things in the wrong order - and not just in crochet! I have a bad habit of flicking through magazines from the back to the front as well. I don't know where that comes from but my Mother used to say that I did the same thing with comic and picture books when I was small.Perhaps in a previous life (if there is such a thing) I came from a culture who read from right to left!

Thanks Bev for letting me know about the CAL (crochetalong) on Ravelry for the Short and Sweet. I have never joined in one of these CAL's as I want to get things finished as soon as I have started and I wouldn't like people to think I was bragging if I finished off first - or if I have to keep a slower pace with other people I would get easily bored. I am not sure what the rules are.

Tina I am sure that your favourite shrug must be shrinking in the wash. My clothes are doing the same thing these days. Maybe it is something in the washing detergents. I think they are sponsored by slimming products to make our clothes shrink so that we will go out and buy diet products ;-)

Ana Luisa I am glad that you have finished off your baby items and I look forward to seeing them shortly. I get so much inspiration from everyone who leaves comments on my blog, their blogs and other people who I chat to on Ravelry so I know just what you mean when you say that you get inspired. I think that it is great when crafters can swap ideas. Different minds have a different slant on things and adapt patterns differently to me so I really enjoy my morning browse through new patterns and my friends activities on Ravelry.

Bev has made a lovely shawl/shrug using a vintage pattern and updating it for her daughter. Bev knows that I love vintage patterns and sent me a couple of gorgeous vintage baby books in the post. Fashions may change but with a slight adjustment many vintage patterns can be brought right up to date. If you want a peek at her crochet just click on my blog title and it will take you there. Bev has days when her &$£!* back pain gets a bit too much for her but despite that she manages to keep smiling - well mostly - and crocheting her way through it all.

I have just collected my prescriptions, paid off my credit card and the newspaper bill so I am now ready in case I go in hospital. Still no news as yet but I didn't even get any junk mail today.

Time to start the sleeves of the Short and Sweet now. I can maybe get an hour of crochet in, with my ice packs on, to cool my knees, after my walk to the shops, before it's dinner time. Mmmm I smell coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Your sweet comments brought tears to my eyes. But I must admit I've been a bit emotional all week as I've been in more pain than usual but it is what it is, right? Grin and bear it -- as you well know. I do hope you hear soon about the surgery. I'm anxious for you to have it behind you so you can move on to better things. What are you going to start on next?