Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope that all of your hopes, wishes and dreams come true in 2009. I wish you good health, happiness and love and of course a win on the lottery would be nice. May all your WIP be finished and your stash be diminished!

I plodded on with my 5yr stashed WIP last night and have managed to finish both fronts. I have done more this week than I managed in the last 5 yrs so hopefully one of my New Year resolutions is a bit nearer becoming reality. It is quite hard boring plodding. It's not a hard pattern but tedious. It's all counting so I can't mindlessly crochet as I like to. 2 sleeves and the bands to go before I can start anything else. My next WIP is a pair of socks that have been lingering for over 6 months. I have knitted other pairs since I started these so it's time for a concentrated effort.

My New Year resolutions (or revolutions as my son used to call them)are:-

WIP to be finished )plus the 2 pairs of socks on needles)
Sock stash to be knitted up (bought and never used during my operation recuperation)
Try to work my way through at least some of the stash bought for forgotten projects.
Stay away from wool shops and stalls until this is completed (Unless buying for a gift for someone else)
I suspect that the last one will be the hardest to stick to as will my resolution to shed the two ton I have put on since my operation!

I had a quiet New Year's Eve as per usual. Gone are the days of the fancy dress and wild drunken parties. I live a quiet life these days. Next door's cat came in for a warm and to get away from the fireworks and stayed all night. I had a very bad night's sleep due to fireworks, the chirruping of my smoke alarm at regular intervals and my mobile phone spewing out text messages regularly at me in the early hours that had been sent around midnight! Good old Vodaphone hanging on to them for a few hours so that I could be woken up and really appreciate those Happy New year sent to me by friends at midnight. Cheers for that!

My smoke alarm was fitted by the fire brigade and is not supposed to need a new battery so I don't know why it was chirruping. Today I had a look at it and can't open it to check. I pressed it to test and it is still working and hasn't chirruped for hours now. If it starts up again tonight I will not be impressed! Last time it went wrong I got a fire engine and some extremely handsome young hunky firemen to fix it so who knows it could be my lucky night if it starts up again!


ambermoggie said...

happy new year Jan:)

Knitting Nurd said...

Oh my, hunky young firemen? Bring 'em on! lol
I admire your determination to work through your stash and finish your WIP...way to go girl!!
Happy New Year!!

technology said...
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