Thursday, 29 January 2009

Still not happy with my knitting

I still don't have enough wool for the 4th pattern option that I chose so I have now introduced a strip of plain grey to try and eke out the fleck wool. I know I could have knitted a sleeveless top or a waistcoat but these are garments that I never wear so no point in knitting any of those for myself. The garments is knitted side to side so at least the stripe will run down my body and not across!

I can always use it as a house jacket to keep me warm if I don't like the finished effect.

I am posting some photos of the finished Swirl cap that I made for my friend Jennifer. I gave it to her in pieces as it was to have the brim stiffened. Jennifer preferred it without the stiffening in the peak so has assembled it without peak plastic. The free pattern link can be found on a previous blog post. I know it is on ravelry and called swirl but the rest eludes me just now. Jennifer has given me the name of the wool I used. The wool is by RYC and is called soft lux. It's 64% extra fine merino, 10 angora, 24 nylon and 2 metallic fibre. The color is called "sable".

The smell of the cat wee has faded but the smell of the Jeyes fluid that I used to counteract the wee smell is now starting to get on my chest as well as my nerves. I think a good re-mop is on the cards so hopefully I can get rid of Jeyes and replace it with Lavender.


June said...

Oh isn't it just the pits when your knitting doesn't go right, but at least the hat looks really nice.

Zu said...

I love that hat!!