Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hospital appointment? Then take your crochet with you

I had a hospital appointment yesterday for my knee. I have to have a scan before they can make a diagnosis but the knee specialist seems to confirm the spinal specialist's opinion on the torn cartilage theory. I have another appointment in 4 weeks provided that I have had the scan in between. The fact that I now have metal bits in my spine seems to be a cause for concern. I hope that I don't magnetise and stick to the roof of the scanner during the process! Surely they have used non magnetic pins and plate in my spine. Gosh I do hope so.

I always take some crochet with me when I go to the hospital as I have 10 mins on the metro plus 30 mins on the bus journey to and from the hospital plus any time spent in the waiting room. I find it much friendlier than poking your fellow passenger with a knitting needle on a crowded bus or in the waiting room. I started a hat for myself and have managed to get a fair bit done on my travels.

Last night I did a few more rows on the doubled hat (barely discernable on the photo) but have still an inch to knit before shaping the top. This hat has taken me longer to knit than it took me to crochet the Sambuca jacket.

The jacket has now gone home with my niece. She came to touch up my dark roots and went home with a Sambuca. That's a fair swop.

A bit of housework for me now and then rest with a few more rows on the hat. I really would like to see it finished off by tonight. It's so tempting to just carry on and finish the crochet hat. I now know why I like crochet so much - instant gratification.

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