Thursday, 22 January 2009

My knitted snake draught excluders

A little while ago I was approached on Flickr to give permission for one of my photos to be used on a web site. They wanted the photo of my knitted snake draught excluder that I made quite a long time ago. I gave permission and it is on the web site which you can see if you click on the blog title.

The snake is now is a sorry state having lost both of his wobbly eyes but is still doing a sterling job keeping the draught out from behind my front door. I think perhaps it is time to make myself another one. I crocheted a couple of draught dogs for my son and a striped knitted snake. I have posted photos of the draught excluders when they were in their prime.

The doubled hat continues on its very slow progress. I think I have knitted about 5" now so have another inch and a half before the top shaping. I do hope that I manage to finish it tonight as I feel a bit bored with it now.

I will take some wool to make a crochet hat to the hospital with me tomorrow. I have my knee specialist appt and if I take my crochet then I am usually in and out in record time. If I don't take it then I get in the 2 hour waiting queue. The bus journey takes over half an hour so I will hopefully get a bit done during that.

I went to water aerobics today and the instructor is a friend of my son and also a biker. She was laughing when I told her of my wind up with my son about my buying a motorbike and sidecar a la Two Fat Ladies or Wallace and Grommet. She has agreed to continue the wind up by telling him that I have asked her for motor bike lessons!

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