Friday, 9 January 2009

It's arrived - but was it worth the wait?

The Interweave Crochet Winter 08 magazine has arrived, I had waited impatiently as most of the US had received their copies and were raving about it. I have to say though that although there are a few nice things in it I find the garments are very disappointing in my opinion. Ravelry forums are raving about the front cover jacket but to be honest I can't exactly see myself swanning around Tesco with that huge bow around my neck!

They have a couple of nice scarves but I don't like the thrummed mitts unless I lived at the North Pole. Too thick to be worn in an everyday situation unless I was throwing a snowball. Nor can I see myself wearing all those ruffles around my neck. There is a lovely afghan but it is in Tunisian crochet so my wrists would not be able to support the weight as I crocheted so that it out for me.

The shawl is very ethereal and usually I shy away from anything that is spidery as I make mistakes in the chains.I get the chains twisted no matter how hard I try. It was heartwarming to find that they make mistakes too! If you look carefully at the close up photo of the stitch there are actually 2 mistakes in their sample so I don't feel as bad about my crocheting anymore :)

I do like the Chullo hat and fingerless gloves, the blue Snowdrops scarf and the mitred squares scarf. There is another lacy scarf but that is done in hairpin crochet which is another thing that I have not tried as I don't feel like the expense of buying a hairpin lace loom for something that I may only use once.

I have re-crocheted the back of my bolero jacket and have started one of the fronts.


TurquoizBlue said...

Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

I have made 6 or 8 of the Snowdrops scarf and they are really nice and very easy... The chart is a little small so I took it out to the library and the ladies there enlarged it for me... No problem now!.. I am trying to get alot of them done for my gift tote in case I need one suddenly... Lynn