Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Culprit

I went to knit club last night at the Kings Arms. A good time was had by all. I came back and found next door's cat Oscar lurking in the porch. I let him and gave him a drink and he scuttled off to sleep in his hidey hole somewhere in the house. I went to bed later and completely forgot that Oscar was in the house. I woke around 5am to the overwhelming stench of either cat spray or cat wee. If you have ever smelt an un-neutered tom cat then you will know what I mean.

I came downstairs and let him out but at that time of the morning I was still half asleep and I had a quick feel about but could not find any patches of wet. I went back to bed and when I got up this morning the stench was even worse. I have therefore spent all of today scrubbing and cleaning every place I can think of but I still haven't discovered that tell tale wet patch. My throat hurts and my cough is back courtesy of a cocktail of disinfectant and a full bottle of Fabreze. The sad part is that even after all my efforts I can still smell cat wee !!!

He may look like an angel but Oscar is not my favourite cat at the moment. I have had cats of my own who have had accidents but I have never smelt anything this bad and can't find it. I swear it is in every room. Either that or I am losing my sense of smell.

The good side of it was that when I was cleaning the spare bedroom I tidied up my stash of part balls of wool and sorted them into colours. My head is now buzzing with ideas for shawls in shaded purples and lilacs or shades of green. There is always granny square shawls to use up all of these oddments. I need another pair of hands for all the things that my head plans.

I started knitting some of my stash at the Knit Club last night but after using up 100 grams I realised that I will not have enough yarn to complete that pattern so I have unravelled it. That is the only trouble with keeping wool in stash. Invariably you have not bought quite enough for what you now want to make and the chances of getting anymore are very slim.

I am going to have a shower now and settle down with a different pattern for my knitting and hope that the smell will fade from wherever it is coming from soon and fade from my nostrils.

I commented on Jam & Jerusalem's blog that she was making me feel guilty with all of her spring cleaning. I am not feeling guilty now as I have cleaned every surface that I can. I hope when I get up tomorrow that the stench will have faded. I have had all the windows wide open all day to try to blow it away.


June said...

Oh poor you. I can just imagine what a horrible smell that must have been. I cannot understand why owners of Tom cats don't have them neutered.

Jam & Jerusalem said...

Oh i am sorry i made you feel guilty about cleaning J. Believe me i am not a housework fan but sometimes having to walk around the house with half closed squinty eyes so i can't see the mess just won't work anymore. I also found some stuff that i lost ages ago so it was worth it.

Kick the cat for me :)