Monday, 12 January 2009

My chunky bolero is no more

By the time you read this bolero jacket will be a pile of balls. What should have been a very simple jacket to make has turned out to be an ill fitting nightmare. I kept thinking that the sleeve heads would not fit into the body and I was right. You cannot fit such a shaped head into a non shaped armhole without excess crochet. As you can see it has ugly bulges all around the armholes that no amount of blocking can help. I cannot just undo the sleeves a bit as they are worked top down. I have decided that I don't like the way that there is hardly any body armhole shaping so am going to unravel the back and fronts, once again, back to the armholes and put some shape into them. Wish me luck as I unpick yet again! This time I am going to remake it MY way.

I am off to the knit club tonight. It will be a welcome break from my frustration about this jacket. I had a bad night once again with my cough. I had to ring the docs today. The hospital rang me this morning as a follow up to my spinal surgery and asked how I was getting on with exercise to shed some weight. I told her that I am still waiting for my hospital knee appt as I can't exercise as my knee is still twice the size it should be and I have difficulty bending it. She said to chase up the docs and see when he sent the letter off to request my knee appt.

It turns out that they sent the letter on 6th Jan! I went mad as they got the letter from my specialist on the 28th Nov. I am seeing the doc on Wednesday about my persistent cough and why it has taken him so long to send my referral letter off. I am in a catch 22 situation. I am supposed to be exercising to shed weight but I can't because any exertion sets me off in a coughing and wheezing frenzy. I can't bend my knee or put too much weight on it which makes even walking a bit difficult. I should have started water aerobics last week but was reluctant to get cold and wet with my chest the way it is. I might have risked it had I still had the car and could have gone door to door.

I am off now to reduce the bolero into unravelled balls yet again !

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Knitting Nurd said...

Hope you feel better soon Jan! I know what you're going through with the knee situation..same for me! I took 3 real hard falls on cement in 2 months time, but the doc says it's arthritis. Just working on getting the swelling down for now so I can start my walking regimen again!