Saturday, 3 January 2009

First resolution broken

OK I admit it - I am weak. It's only the 3rd and already I have kind of broken one of my resolutions. I caved in under the pressure of counting up to 9 over and over in my head. The blue cardigan got to me last night. I am on the second sleeve as you can see. It is worked downwards so I was not only counting to 9 (for each shell) I was also counting rows to decrease and all on a 3.50mm hook. I have promised myself to work on it today and try to finish it over the weekend.

Last night it was either stop crocheting and just watch the TV or start something new. Since I hate sitting idle I decided to start another Blue Curacao shawl from the Amazing Lace book by Doris Chan. This time however I am using some stash brushed chunky and making it to the pattern. Last time I used finer wool and hook and so had to improvise and add lots more rows to the pattern. This shawl is for my next door neighbour Julie who is recovering from several ops for cancer. She mentioned that she is often cold in the house but wary of having her central heating on too often. I decided to make her a shoulder shawl to wear indoors to ward off the chill. I find my crochet shawls, and the knitted wrap made for me by Ambermoggie so useful for warding off the chills. I am making it in chunky to be warm instead of just being a decorative accessory. I just hope that she likes green as I am trying to use up my stash instead of buying more wool.

I must go to the shops to get some bread and milk. I am not going to Tesco as I go in there for 2 items and come out with a trolley full. I still have so much food in the freezer that I over bought at Christmas so this year I am trying to only buy in food that I actually need and not things that I finish up putting in the bin because I forget about them and they go out of date before I get to use them.

If you will forgive me for starting something else then I promise to do some more rows on the blue cardigan when I get back from the shops!


ambermoggie said...

like the new shawl Jan:)

Crobbles said...

We, your assigned "Resolution Referees" here by decree that, this is an act of love and kindness and therefore does not count!

It looks beautiful Jan. Mine stays on my shoulders nicely and because of the shaping there is no bulk over your arms to get in the way. I'm sure she will cherish it.

Knitting Nurd said...

I agree with Crobbles, Jan. Acts of kindness don't count. What a lovely thing for you to do for your neighbor!

splendid said...
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