Monday, 5 January 2009

Blue Curacao finished

It always feels strange calling a shawl Blue Curacao when I have make it in a different colour. Should I call it Green Curacao? I finished the shawl and have given it to Julie who is delighted with it. I have taken these photos of it but Julie has promised to call around tomorrow so I can take a photo of her wearing it. She was still in her pj's when I called this morning so didn't want to be photographed then. No I didn't call around that early - she was just having a pj day!

The photos don't do the shawl justice but it is hard to photograph as it is a strange shape when it's not being worn. This version took 450 grams of brushed chunky so it should be lovely and warm.

Why is it when we say we have finished something we don't include the time that it takes to sew something together. I have been rather spoilt of late making Doris Chan patterns which do not need much sewing up. It has taken me most of this afternoon to sew up the blue cardigan and crocheting the front and neck bands. I am going to block it out tonight so should have photos of it tomorrow.

Now what shall I knit or crochet tonight. I am not really in the mood for the socks as I am in a crochet mood. I will decide after dinner and let you know tomorrow.


June said...

What a lovely warm shawl for your neighbour. Just what is needed in this cold weather.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful :)Where is the pattern from please? I was thinking it would work nicely with some of my homespun!

sylvia said...

Beautiful Jan

ambermoggie said...


intelligence said...
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