Friday, 16 January 2009

Sambuca progress

I have settled into making the Sambuca from The Amazing Crochet Lace book by Doris Chan with a huge sense of relief. I know I have uttered many a naughty word about Doris's patterns before I got used to her way of writing things but after my recent so called easy jacket I welcomed her pattern with open arms. I am back to sanity. I am back to enjoying my crochet. I think the pattern is working up rather well and am pleased with how it is progressing.

The last photo is my revamped totally re done version of the bolero. I am not saying where that pattern came from as I would not want to inflict pain upon any other crocheter. It still doesn't fit quite right but any imperfections I will just live with. At least now I have a garment that I will wear. June - I do hope that the bolero that you are making for your daughter fits better than mine did.

My cough continues to improve and I had a good night's sleep last night despite dreaming I was learning to ride a Harley Davidson motorbike. I wasn't very good at it and never actually went anywhere on it as I was having difficulty starting the bike as it was too big for me. Even in my dreams I can't become a trendy motor biker. I wasn't even wearing leathers in my dream or a helmet. Now there is a thought. I pity anyone driving behind me and having to view my large leather coated rear end if I ever decided to take up biking :) I would need one of those " wide load" stickers! I think I would be better with a Wallace and Grommet or Two Fat Ladies motorbike and sidecar. I could borrow Buster to ride the sidecar and we could both wear leather earflap helmets. My sidecar would probably be full of wool on my way to a Knit Out!

I am feeling more limber after my water aerobics yesterday. The exercises don't seem like I am doing much, at the time, but I have found my arm and shoulder mobility has been more limited since I had to stop going to class for the last six months.

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June said...

Sambuca is looking good. I have just finished the bolero and it looks OK. Fingers crossed that it fits her when I see her tomorrow.
When you get your motorbike, you can drive down to London to see me and take me out in the side-car.LOL