Tuesday, 20 January 2009

More Sambuca photos

More photos of the Sambuca. The strangely coloured ones are ones taken with my web cam which alters the colour quite a lot. Whenever I put garments onto Flickr I invariably get asked for photos with me modelling the garment which is a bit tricky as usually the garments are for other people who are far smaller than I am. I haven't made the Sambuca too small for me. It is for my niece who is a good couple of sizes slimmer than I. If I made it for myself I would make a larger size of course. I am not showing the jacket off to it's best. I will try to take a photo of my niece wearing it when she picks it up.

The first photo is of a hat I started last night for Chris ( my soon to be nephew in law). I made him a doubled hat last Christmas but although he loves it as it is so warm it was a bit on the large side. I have restarted it using pure wool double knit this time instead of aran thickness. It will be very slow progress as you can see. I have to knit 2 rounds for every round that it grows in height. I think it is fascinating how it is grey on one side and black on the other and yet knitted at the same time. It is from a free pattern from the net. I will try to find the link tomorrow when hopefully I will have done another couple of inches on the hat so you can see the technique better. If you know anyone who hikes then this is the warm hat for them.

I found my last year WIP sock yesterday and attempted to do a few rounds on it but I found myself lacking in enthusiasm. The wool splits badly and I have to keep retracing my stitches. I don't know what else it is about that sock but I just can't seem to get on with it. I have made 2 other pairs since I started that sock so it isn't that I have lost my sock mojo altogether.

My brother is coming back today to see if the hinge for the top oven door has stuck properly overnight. We tried yesterday but didn't leave the epoxy glue long enough time to set so let's hope second time lucky.

The snow of yesterday has vanished and today we have sunshine although there is no warmth in it. It makes me think about Spring and whether to try once again with vegetables in pots this year. I started the year before last and was marginally successful but my back pain limited me somewhat. Last year I didn't bother as I knew I was going into hospital and would be unable to tend them properly. Unfortunately my little plastic greenhouses that I left outside have developed tiny holes in their covers with the cold weather. I think I can buy new covers so I will have to search online otherwise I will have to line the holey tops (sides are OK) with some clear plastic.


June said...

I love the shell pattern of the Sambuca. I have just bought the book, so maybe I will give it a try soon. Hope your oven is mended this time.

Mad about Craft said...

Nice jacket!

I hate cleaning the cooker too and now i have so many problems with my hands I won't do it (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!), the other half does it for me.