Sunday, 18 January 2009

Jen's hat is almost finished

I have finished Jen's hat as far as I can go at the moment. The peak as you can see is in two halves and is waiting for Jen to get some kind of stiffening to be sandwiched in between the two brim pieces.The pattern suggests plastic but that seems rather drastic so I will leave it up to Jen to come up with either plastic or a suitable substitute. I think that you can see the gold lurex running through the wool on these photos. Jen does know what wool it is but just gave me 2 balls that didn't have labels attached to them so I can let you know what it is later. The pattern is a free down loadable pattern from Ravelry Swirls Cap by Sophia Kessinger. I shall take my crochet hook to the next Knit Out ready to crochet the two brim pieces together once ther stiffening is inside. There is a choice of trim. Jen can either have a flower or a band which has a button either end.

My niece came today and tried on the Sambuca so I know how much more I need to crochet for the right length. Hopefully I will have finished that soon. She also brought a new lamp that I need for dark or close work. She was passing B&Q so I asked her to pick one up for me. I find it very difficult to see to read etc unless I have a brightish light.

One of the problems with growing older - dim eyes! I see in the newspapers that we will no longer be able to buy 100 watt light bulbs anymore at most major stores. Apparently the government is dictating to us that we have to lower our wattage whilst at the same time agreeing to a third airport to be built in London. I have to struggle to see with my dim energy saving light bulbs and yet they can play far more havoc to the world by allowing more planes in the sky. Hopefully someone on E Bay will make a fortune selling 100 watt bulbs. I am as conscious as the next person about my carbon footprint but when I can't see to crochet - well that's a different matter altogether!

June (Jolive on Ravelry) has finished her version of THAT bolero and hers has come out great. She has a photo on her projects. She has used double knit whereas I used a fine chunky and hers is a much better fit than mine ever was. That's the only trouble with using US patterns just exactly what is the thickness of Worsted. In some patterns they say Worsted 3 thickness and I always assume that is DK but when they say Worsted 4 thickness I always presume they mean Aran. I downsized my hook to get the tension correct with my chunky but obviously the pattern works so much better in double knit. Well done June!

Not much crochet done last night or today for that matter. My left wrist started to really pain me last night so I decided to give the crochet a rest for a few hours. I hope that I will be OK later tonight as I would like to finish off the Sambuca soon.

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