Saturday, 31 January 2009

Where have the last 40yrs gone?

Almost 40 yrs separates these two photos. Where have all those years gone? It really doesn't seem that long since my baby was that small and now he is a 40yrs old man. A husband, step dad and grandad as well.

last night I went with my neighbour Julie to my son's 40th birthday party. It was a typical bikers celebration. Loud music plenty of booze and general high spirits. Some people are intimidated by a room full of leather and tattoos. I have never seen as much tattooed flesh since I watched Miami Ink. That aside what a great bunch of people they are. They openly show affection for each other and there was not one bit of trouble throughout the whole evening. They may drink and party hard but they know how to handle their alcohol and remain civilised. A direct contrast to what most people would suppose. Not once voice raised in anger the whole evening. I could see that my son was touched by the amount of people who took the trouble to travel miles to come to his party and the love that they showed to him as they greeted him on arrival.

I got told over and over by different bikers what a great son I have and how I had raised such a good man. After some of the negative words my son and I have had recently it was so good to be told that I didn't do everything wrong and I had done my best to raise him the right way. It was so good to know that he is held in such high esteem by so many people. I,of course, am biased as I think my only child is wonderful as most mum's do.

Julie, my neighbour, came with me and although I didn't manage to find her a hairy biker as promised she did seem to have a good time and we have said that we will organise her a big party for her 40th at the end of this year. Not sure if she wants a biker do but she might get one!

Needless to say not much knitting has been done. I had a visit from Vicky yesterday, which was very enjoyable, to discuss an upcoming crochet project.

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