Monday, 19 January 2009

Sambuca is finished

Sambuca is finished - well almost. I call it finished when I have finished crocheting. As you can see it is now blocking a wee bit to flatten down the pattern and pull the bands into shape. My niece didn't want the wrist bands putting on the sleeves or the bottom bands on the jacket so I left it with the scalloped edge. The pattern is Sambuca from Doris Chan's Amazing Crochet Lace book. As my niece is smaller than I am I will try it on tomorrow and see if I can take photos of it in wear. The wool is Patons Diploma Aran and is actually more of a deeper red and not the scarlet as it appears on the photo.

This morning I have been busy scrubbing the oven out. I HATE that job. I don't know of anyone who does. My top oven outer door fell off some weeks ago and I have been waiting for some glue to stick the clip back on the door so it can be replaced.My brother rang to say he had some resin glue that should be suitable and is coming this afternoon to try to fix it for me. He has a beautiful home and they never have a thing out of place. I have therefore been doing a blitz on the kitchen as anyone who knows me knows I am a bit on the untidy side. I am not dirty but I do tend to leave things on worktops instead of putting them away in the cupboards. I hope that I can tidy the lounge and whizz around with the Hoover before he arrives. Whew.

It's Dolly Partons's birthday today. She is the same age as me. Not that we resemble each other much apart from both being bottle blondes! I used to have a decent pair of boobs at one time but they have got lost in the rest of my body fat these days.

I must decide what to make next. I think I will make the cream hat to match my Christmas present scarf. I am hoping to go to Knit Club at the Kings Arms tonight and much as I love going there I have to admit that I find the lighting a bit dim and have to work with light colours.


June said...

Sambuca looks really good. Another pattern I really want to try.

ree said...

Love the look of the Sambuca and the hat. I can't believe how quickly you get through all these projects. I have just finished a granny square rug that took me more than 2 months to complete.