Thursday, 8 January 2009

That was the back that was

Why do I carry on crocheting or knitting when I have a gut feeling that the size that I are making isn't the right one for me? Does anyone else do that? Do I think that magically it will morph into the right size once it is finished?

I think that when I started this bolero I was over compensating for the blue cardigan that I have just finished that turned out too small. I didn't take into account the fact that when I started the blue cardigan it was over 5yrs ago when I was obviously a lot smaller so when I started this bolero my first thought was make it bigger as obviously you are bigger than you thought!

I finished off the back today whilst watching Loose Women and held it up to myself and realized that it would not only fit me I could also fit another me in there as well. The big ball of wool is now what used to be the back. Ah well - good job it's in chunky. The sleeves are the right size as I do have arms that a burly rugby player would be proud of so at least I don't have to undo those as well!

I have just started reading a blog entitled Jam and Jerusalem and had a real giggle. I think she is a similar age to myself and has a similar attitude so I find it a funny read. I have posted a link to it from my favourites if you fancy a read.

Paul McKenna is not having much effect on my weight as yet. I have not got the idea yet of not watching TV or reading whilst eating as when I feel hungry it always coincides with something I watch on the TV. Today it was sleep myself thin rather than thinking myself thin. I coughed until the wee small hours and finally fell asleep when it was almost time to get up. Consequently I didn't wake up until 10.45am. I was supposed to be starting water aerobics today but I had more of less decided last night that I should give it another week before I start to see if I can shake off this annoying cough.

My friend Sylvia introduced me to a new abbreviation the other day. I am not au fait with all these new phone text terms so when she said CBA I didn't know what she meant. I have now adopted it to describe today. I am having a CBA day (Can't be a*sed) Sod the housework and the washing up I CBA!

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Knitting Nurd said...

That's funny! CBA...I have to remember that one...LOL Your bolero is going to be gorgeous...such a lovely colorway!!