Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Chunky bolero - revision time

Here I go again. Jan the unravelling queen! This is the revised version of the body of the crochet bolero. As you saw in the last blog post photos it is impossible to put a sleeve head that is fully shaped as a set in sleeve into a body that has virtually no shaping apart from a few sts at the armhole. The result of that as you saw yesterday was a huge surplus of sleeve head that refused to lie right.

I went to knit club last night at the Kings Arms and managed to re crochet the top of the back and one front. This morning I finished the second front and sewed it together to check for fit. Now I have to redo the sleeves but this time I will do them my way without the pattern. Funnily enough I have more success with fit for myself when I do things "freehand" without a pattern. I have always been a visual crocheter. When I was young I would look at a photo or at something in a shop and go home and make a reasonable copy. Naughty of me I know but when I was younger I had no idea of copyright etc and anyway mine would, of course, not be an exact copy. I did get asked once by a friend how come I could afford to shop at ***--- on my salary which I took as a huge compliment to my crochet and copying skills!

I had a lovely night at the Kings Arms Knit Club. I hadn't been for some time. I am such a wimp about travelling alone on public transport after dark so only go when I get the offer of a lift, Cheers Charlie for the lift. It was good to meet up with the regulars and we also had loads of newbies so the snug was packed with ladies and the occasional man all knitting away (except for Rachael and I who were crocheting) Good to see Charlie and Marie feeling a bit better as they have been plagued with illness for a while.

I had a better night last night and only woke myself up twice coughing. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the doc so let's hope that he can suggest a miracle cure. I have tried so long to shift this cough with inhalers, shop bought remedies and home made honey and lemon concoctions to no avail.

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Jam & Jerusalem said...

Poor you, i hope you get your cough sorted out soon.....there is nothing worse than trying to sleep with a bad cough.
What a shame about the bolero and i think you are very good to undo it, personally i would have shoved shoulder pads in it and said it was an 1980's inspired design LOL.....beautiful colours too.