Thursday, 15 January 2009

Chunky bolero - the revised version

Whew. I have finally finished the chunky bolero to my satisfaction, It hasn't been blocked as yet so forgive the many times unravelled appearance. I am not going to give the designer any credit for this as the only thing that remains the same is the flower motif! Everything else has been revamped and revised. I am undeterred. I am going to start another bolero from this book so I just hope that all the problems are limited to one design as the one I plan to do soon is by the same designer. This time I shall be more aware of any potential problems and be on the alert.

I had 5 balls of Patons Diploma aran left over from the February lady sweater I made for my niece at Christmas so I decided to start the Sambuca jacket from Doris Chan's Amazing crochet Lace book. As it is worked top down I will just work the length of the sleeves and body as far as I can. It is more openwork than any of Doris's patterns that I have tried in the past so it will be interesting. My niece likes the openwork look so the lacier the better for her. She is a teacher and their school colours include red so that is why I have made so many red things for her.

I haven't finished the hat as yet as I could not see my crochet for tears last night. I was watching CSI and could not believe that they have killed off Warwick Brown. I know that the actor Gary Duordan has had some trouble with drugs in his private life but I think firing him from CSI is a bit drastic. They could have left it so that he could have come back once he sorted his life out.

I went to water aerobics for the first time since my spinal operation. I looked at my swimsuit and decided it looked a bit grey and faded so decided to wear my tankini. I finished up laughing through my exercises as the top and the bottom kept parting company letting my jelly belly flop out. I looked like Winnie the Pooh. I will either have to look for a new swimsuit or wear the faded one next week. I felt sorry for the ladies behind me as the bottoms rode up into a wedgie for most of the class and with my figure that is not a pretty sight! Pooh belly and cellulite bum are things that should be kept firmly under cover. Nevertheless I enjoyed my class despite the coldish water and the breeze across the water.


Anonymous said...

That bolero is beautiful :) i love the colours.
Bathing suit shopping is the pits..i tend to wear stretch shorts over the bathing suit to hide the bum a bit

June said...

I love the way that bolero has turned out after all the unravelling. It was definitely worth it and shows you must have lots of patience. I have that book and would like to give it a try too.

Mad about Craft said...

I now have visions of Mr Blobby in a swimm suit now!