Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Swirls Cap

This is a cap I am making for Jenn one of my fellow Knitty Nora's. The pattern is Swirls Cap by Sophia Kessinger. It is a free download pattern on Ravelry. I am not sure what the wool is as it doesn't have any labels on the balls that she gave me to use. What doesn't show on the photos is that it has a subtle gold lurex thread running through. I still have the peak to make and the trim. I shall be leaving the actual finishing to Jenn as it has to have a piece of perspex cut to fit and stitched between the two layers of the brim. Jenn sews so she understands exactly what is meant by this. Once the perspex is in place then the two peak pieces are crocheted together with a slip stitch but if Jenn can't manage that then they could easily be stitched together possibly with a blanket stitch.

I have finished all of the pieces of the revamped redesigned chunky bolero and will stitch them together later and hopefully reveal the new improved model tomorrow.

I went to the doctors this morning. I have struggled with this cough since well before Christmas and just cannot get rid of it. The doc says it is not a chest infection and has put it down to a flare up of my asthma. I am now on a different inhaler and some antihistamines to dry up the excess mucus. If there is no improvement in 2 weeks I have to see him again. He said he was concerned that the cough had lasted this long but was reluctant to prescribe antibiotics when there was no obvious sign of infection. When I told him I was upset about the fact that it has taken over a month to refer me to the knee specialist he said oh sorry the typist lost her husband suddenly and was off for a month and so no typing for done over Christmas. Why did they not get a temp typist in? Maybe it's because they are dealing with confidential patient information.

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