Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Slow progress on the doubled hat

The progress on the hat knitted double is very slow. I have now knitted 3" but in fact that is 6" of knitting as for every 2 rows the hat grows one. The basic idea is that you knit one round but slip the 2nd colour and then you purl one round slipping the first colour. It is not quite as simple as that as it involves a lot of yarn forward and yarn back. If you look carefully at the second photo you can see what happens if you knit when you should have slipped. Notice the one black stitch on a grey row? By the time I noticed that I was about 2" up the hat and have decided that a bit of cosmetic darning will be in order later over that rogue stitch. If you click on the blog title there is a link to the Blue Blog and the free pattern for the hat. I am not putting the stripes on the hat this time.

When I was packing away my knitting last night I noticed that all of my finger ends were black and blue. Then I looked at my bamboo needles and the points were also stained. The dye has come off the Diploma Gold black wool and onto my hands and needles. I just hope that it doesn't run into the grey when it gets washed for the first time. Eek. Hopefully it's just a bit of excess dye which sometimes happens with black. I have used black Diploma Gold before for a sweater and crochet jacket for my niece and that dye didn't come off, well I don't know about the washing but it didn't come off on my hands when I was working with it.

The great news is that the oven door clip appears to have stuck to the glass door overnight and the door has now been put back on the oven. Yeah I have an oven door that looks normal once again. The real testing time will be if the epoxy glue can withstand the oven temperatures ( the packet says it can).I used the bottom oven last night with a bit of trepidation but so far so good. Fingers crossed for me girls as I really can't afford a new double oven right now.

The sun is trying to shine although snow is once again forecast for later. The trees are dripping with rain or is it melted frost? I hope that it stays dry for today.

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June said...

That hat looks really fiddly to knit. I think it would be easier to knit it twice and then stitch the two together.
Fingers crossed that your oven door stays put.