Saturday, 10 January 2009

Well it didn't take me long to break that resolution

It was all my friend Sylvia's fault.It was her idea for us to meet up in Bury to have some lunch and a natter. She dragged me kicking and screaming (OK I added that bit in for dramatic effect) to the wool stall as she wanted to buy some wool.

I was wearing my Christmas present scarf and beret and it has to be said that wearing a beret is not my best look (Imagine Victoria Wood with her beret pulled down and you get the picture) so I decided that if there was a match I would get some cream wool to make a more wearable hat to match the scarf. I forgave myself for that but then I spotted the red wool at a bargain price. In my defence the wool is intended for a crochet jacket for my niece so that is within the rules of my New Year's resolution not to buy any more wool as I did say unless it was for someone else. But I am guilty as charged for buying the cream wool for a hat.In all my stash I just didn't have the right shade of cream to match the scarf and you can't have me walking about in an odd coloured hat.

The multi blue crochet jacket that should have been the easiest jacket in the world to crochet has once again been unravelled, I finished off the back and the fronts only to realise that I didn't have enough wool left to crochet the edgings. I muttered a few words that a navvy would be proud of and unravelled each piece back to the armholes and then shortened each piece by 3 rows. I have finished the fronts once again and have the back to finish off yet again. One day this "quick" jacket will get finished, Whew. I will say this for James C Brett's Marble chunky - it unravels beautifully!


sylvia said...

It's not all my fault you got more wool!!!!

ArtYarn said...

i love the way you managed to shift the blame!! hahaha, i do that allll the time . Rach x