Sunday, 25 January 2009

We are going to be Naked Knitting Calendar Girls

I have just got back from the monthly Knit Out of the Knitty Noras. I had a very enjoyable afternoon of knitting in great company. Glad to see such a good turnout there today. Lisa and Vicky have come up with a wonderful idea to raise money for charity. The idea is a naked knitting calendar for 2010 to hopefully raise money for Christies. Christies is our local cancer hospital and as some of the Noras have had personal experience of needing treatment at the hospital and the rest of us have had close friends who have had need of the hospital's services it is a cause dear to our hearts.

Lots of ideas were bandied about today and Vicky was taking notes as to some of the suggestions as to what the format should be. Plenty of unusual ideas for photos. Some practical and some more bizarre. We are all up for the tastefully photographed naked knitting themed photos and have got quite a number of volunteers from our group willing to disrobe and knit in aid of charity. I have volunteered even though I am not exactly in the first (or second) flush of youth and am built for comfort and not for speed. I may need far more balls of wool or a larger piece of knitting than some but I still want to be involved as I think it's a great idea.

If you click on the blog title it will take you to the Naked Knitting blog. Please support us and follow the blog which will update you to our progress. I hope that you will buy a calendar or a few, and tell all your friends once it is published.

The doubled hat is finally finished. As you can see it is black on one side and grey on the other. I posted the link to the pattern on a previous blog. It is a very warm hat. The crocheted cream hat is for myself. I have made it to match the scarf that I had bought for me for a Christmas present. The pattern is also available free from the net. It is called Divine hat can be found either on Ravelry or from


Anonymous said...

Naked with more balls? lol
It sounds like a great idea seriously !

Mad about Craft said...

Go for it girl!!

I'll support!

Jam & Jerusalem said...

Go for it J. Get your baps out girl!
LOL....just kidding. But what a great idea! I would buy a calender.