Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Unravelling once again

Last night's knitting is unravelled for the third time. The pattern that I started last night had the same problem as Monday night's knitting and the crochet pattern that I started today. There would not have been enough wool. I am starting again with the old Phildar pattern shown in the bottom and praying that there will be enough for this pattern. The wool was part of a Christmas present from last year and I can't get any more of it. I have 600 grams but the yardage is not good. I think that it is more of a super chunky than a normal chunky.

The cat wee smell is diminishing but I could still smell it when I came back in from shopping this morning. The smell is now mixed with Jeyes fluid so I am not sure which is the worst smell! I am going to re - mop everywhere with a lavender smelling disinfectant and hope that it gets rid of both smells.

I think that it will be a little while before I let Oscar in the house unless I keep my eyes firmly glued on him in the future.

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Jam & Jerusalem said...

I am having similar problems with a pattern for a jumper for my OH for Valentine's Day. It has been unpicked three times already as the stupid pattern was wrong. I would'nt mind to much but it is a fussy aran/cable affair and it takes a lot of work before you get to see that the pattern is wrong.....groan. Thinking of you as you unpick, maybe we could do a 'syncronised unpick' marathon together?
Dirty puss puss, Jeye's fluid does hum does'nt it?