Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Blue Curacao modelled

Oh the North wind doth blow and we shall have snow. I woke up this morning to snow. Not the inches of snow that my cousins in the US and Canada are experiencing but an inch or so. I was supposed to be sampling the wonderful coffee and cakes at Slattery's today with Vicky but it has been postponed. Not just because of the snow but Vicky thinks she is coming down with a bug of some kind.

Everyone I know has had some virus or another over Christmas. My friend Charlie has not recovered from her bout of glandular fever and Marie has a cough that put her in hospital for a few days and is now on steroids. I can't get rid of my cough and am having a few Tena lady moments when a racking coughing fit overtakes me. My cough does seem to be slowly recovering but I have had it since before Christmas. I had originally blamed the calor gas fire for my cough but I now think it was a bug. I hope all this snow and cold weather kills some of these bugs.

I have now almost finished the second sleeve on my chunky crochet jacket and will post a photo tomorrow. I started the wrong way around as I wanted to make long sleeves and there was no point in making the bolero if I didn't have enough for long sleeves. One 200 gram ball has almost made 2 sleeves so I think I will have enough to make the bolero long enough in the body for me.

Today the photos are once again the Blue Curacao shawl but this time being modelled by it's new owner. The shawl laid flat looks a strange shape and I wanted to show how the shawl sits on the shoulders in wear. I will make one for myself one day but for now I am still stash reducing. I still haven't worked my way up to knitting the socks yet but I can feel the urge building up for a bit of knitting.

Julie has lent me her Paul McKenna book "I can make you thin" and I have been watching him on the TV this week. I hope that something works soon as I was looking through my wardrobe to find something to wear today and the only item of my best clothes that still fits is a necklace! I will have to try and find some cheap, warm filling diet meals that I can eat. The cold weather makes me think of potato hash and stews rather than things that are slimming. Yesterday I made a big pot of Leek and Potato soup so that is my lunch menu for the next couple of days. Not particularly slimming but cheap, warm and cheerful.


sylvia said...

It looks fabulous on Jan better than when it was laid out flat well done

June said...

It looks even better on the model than it does on the line. The shape is gorgeous and hangs rather like a cape.

Jam & Jerusalem said...

Lovely shawl......don't give up on the potato hash completely, it makes the world a better place, i made one the other evening. yummy

materials said...
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