Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Passion for Fashion - Part Two

Once again not much to report on the crochet scene. I am still plodding on with the blue cardigan, that I dug out of stash, but I find the pattern very slow going and know why it got stashed in the first place! I am trying hard not to start something else that would be finished faster. Patience is a virtue so they say so maybe I can discover my inner virtue and finish it one day soon.

These blurry photos are the second half of the photos from one of my Christmas books - Passion for Fashion. The bolero is something that I might make but the crochet skirt is a big no no with my rotund figure! The corset belt isn't doing much to shape the slim model so I have no chance with that one either. The jacket I am not too keen on either nor the shoulder shawl. What the photo doesn't show is that it more a long shaped stole gathered at the neck so there must be a lot of bulk hidden around the back of that photo!

Today it is freezing cold again and misty. I am going to get a hot shower to warm up and then play chicken with the central heating. One reason I am not getting as much crochet done is that I try not to turn it back on again until at least the middle of the afternoon. I wrap up warmly but my fingers get so cold and I can't crochet in gloves. I do have a calor gas fire but as that tends to make me cough I only have it on low. I rue the day my ex husband removed all of the chimney breasts in the house as now it would be too expensive to install a gas fire again. I did make enquiries a while ago and my only option was not the one I wanted. The only outside wall that I have is in the dining room as my front room has a huge bay window.

Perhaps I should just start a bonfire in the back garden and dance around that to keep warm? I could go down into the woods with my trolley and gather all the fallen branches (the ones that the log stove burner people have missed). Nice thought but the clean air brigade would be banging on my doorstep as soon as the smoke started rising. My ex regularly used to set fire to garden rubbish and totally upset the neighbours when he lived here.

I spent all of last night uploading photos to Flickr and to Ravelry. I try to avoid Ravelry as much as possible otherwise I spend more hours looking and reading things than I do making anything.One New Year resolution is to set the timer when I go onto Ravelry!

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ree said...

You should be here in Sydney thawing out; the temperature is in the mid thirties celsius (95F)and I am trying to finish off a granny square blanket for my daughter but finding it uncomfortably hot having it draped over my knees, draping it over a footstool instead. Can't complain though, love the hot weather, crocheting and watching the cricket on TV.
Happy New Year my dear.