Monday, 22 December 2008

Mother Christmas is knackered and needs a lie down

I am in the process of wrapping the last of the completed presents up. Last night I had a minor hiccup when I discovered that I had not knitted the belt to the aran cardigan for my niece. I managed to make that and complete a second pair of Moroccan Slippers from the Fabulous Flirty Crochet book by Katherine Lee. I think the ladies of the US must have wider feet than my family. I adapted the orange pair to be a little narrower on the soles but they have still turned out a bit wide despite my changing the pattern stitch sightly and altering the lacing up to make them resemble ballet slippers.

Today I am totally wiped out. I woke up tired and am desperately trying to do some cleaning and tidying as well as wrapping the last of the presents. I still have some more bits and bats to finish off and possibly start but I have got to the stage where I am not going to beat myself up about what I cannot finish in time. Everyone will have got something - it's just that some have got more than others when I come to count up.

The pile is just some of the things that I have made for presents this year and does not show the things that I have bought. Every year I say I will cut down and this year I have. I have cut 3 presents this year as I have not seen them since before I had my operation nor have they contacted me since to see if I am OK so I don't feel guilty about axing them from my list.

I am off to half heartedly finish off my cleaning and hopefully do a bit of knitting later tonight. I am just not on form today. Maybe I should have an early night instead of burning the midnight oil.


June said...

What a lovely pile of crochet and knitting. Love the slippers they are such nice bright colours and look very comfortable. Have a nice siesta and hopefully you will feel better soon.

Mad about Craft said...

I know the feeling! I've been on the go all day, food shopping, dog walking, last minute Xmas pressie shopping, pressie wrapping, cookong tea, more dog walking and tidying up after pressie wrapping - I am now lying down in a darkened room as I too, am knackered!

Zuleika said...

Whoa you have been seriously busy! The gifts you've made are so gorgeous it really doesn't matter if they aren't perfectly wrapped. I don't know anyone that's a 'master wrapper' anyway, so you're not alone. :-)
I still haven't made anything from that pattern book. Shame on me! ;-)

ArtYarn said...

waw Jan, these look stunning, i can't believe you haven made all these things!! have a wonderful Christmas xx