Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Passion for Fashion

As I have nothing much to report on the crocheting front ( I fell asleep watching TV last night after barely starting a front) I thought that I would show you some badly photographed items from one of the books that I got from Santa. One day I will get the hang of taking photos of shiny pages.

This book is called Passion for Fashion by Dora Ohrenstein. There are not many things in it that I would make as they are but I like the scarf. The jacket is a never in a million years in those colours but maybe in one colour it would be passable. I would make the hats and the little bag but in different colours. The lap top bag is very colourful but looking at the ribbon strap threaded through then I would have to improvise as I would want to use it as a knit/crochet bag as I don't have a lap top and can't see how the strap would stay taut unless a lap top was inside supporting it.

I will post the rest of the garment photos on the blog tomorrow as I doubt I will have much in the way of crochet to reveal then either. I think I overdid it at Christmas and my hands are having a rest!

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