Tuesday, 9 December 2008

More dolls clothes

Relax ladies. I have not been up all night knitting and crocheting. Nor have I been flogging the elves in the cellar. I made these doll's clothes last year and then decided that my great grand daughters were far too young to play with them. As they fit a 14-15" doll and Baby Annabel is 18" I had to start again to make clothes to fit her. I will include these clothes as I am sure that the girls have dolls or teddies that they will fit.

I have knitted the bits for Annabel's pram coat and have started the leggings. All in K1 P1 rib which is definitely not my favourite stitch as it slows me down so much. I am going to make a crochet pram blanket to match the pram suit and then I will have finished.

I have been trying, once again, to do some more deep clean housework. I have been doing dusting and a bit of hoovering here and there since my op but nothing heavy. I don't know how the people on How Clean is your House can leave their houses as long as they do without cleaning. Mine has been left for 4 months due to my operation. I can, however, understand how they become overwhelmed by the sheer amount to do. I still have loads to clean but am limiting myself to just so much each day. I promise I will get around to the insides of my kitchen cupboards once I can bend my knee to get down there! It will all get done eventually so I am not going to beat myself up because my house isn't up to my usual standards.

Today I cleaned some more windows and am a little sad to see that my great grand daughter's hand print and Buster's paw prints are no longer on the patio doors.


laura said...

hello, do you teach knitting or know of anywhere local that does i'm in bury thanks laura xx

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Laura - I don't actually teach knitting but if you get in touch with me at fullbodiedwoman at yahoo dot com then I can give you more info about our knit clubs.

Doll Clothes Gal said...

Wow - they really look fabulous.

Zuleika said...

They are adorable!:-)

Cinders said...

It was lovely to meet you the other week finally. love the dolly clothes