Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Not much progress to report today

I seem to be knitting away merrily but not really making a lot of headway. I have finished the body and 2 sleeves of the jacket for baby Charlie (sorry about the dark photo) and a few more rows on the red Cinnabar. It now has 5 rows on one sleeve done (not seen on the photo. I haven't finished the body yet so quite why I decided to start a sleeve I am not sure. I guess it's the wacky in me that likes to do things out of sequence.

Today I decided to do a bit of pre Christmas food shopping so I went into Iceland for a few bits and came staggering out with a trolley full. Why do we always think that masses of people are going to descend on us demanding food? I am going to my brother's house for Christmas dinner so I can't even use the excuse of catering for the family. When I came to unpack I seem to have lots of biscuits, a bottle of wine and some brandy and some pseudo Irish cream and not a lot in the way of actual food unless I can count the bags of chips, onion rings and Yorkshire puddings as food. The daft thing is that I will be there in Tesco filling my trolley again before the weekend with fresh food as heaven forbid that I forget to buy some sprouts!

When I weigh 2 stones heavier after Christmas will you remind me that I bought those biscuits in case people called and not as an excuse to eat them all myself. Hmm I must remember to buy a box of crackers and some cheese just in case. Oh boy I can foresee some serious dieting in the New Year and I didn't have to look in a crystal ball to deduce that!

I am going to try to put a spurt on tonight and finish off the hood and pockets for Charlie's jacket and then I can say another gift it finished.

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