Monday, 1 December 2008

Sunday with the Knitty Noras

As promised yesterday - a continuation on Sunday's activities. It was our monthly meeting of the Knitty Noras. I consider myself very fortunate to be offered a lift there by Vicky, especially as I was carrying my latest 5 books. Public transport from out here in the sticks to Bolton is a bit dodgy on a Sunday. We usually take with us any new books that we have bought so that other members can have a good look through them and decide if they want to buy a copy for themselves - or not. Yesterday we had a small library to browse through.

We had a really good turn out yesterday. A couple of new(ish) members so we are growing in numbers. Who said knitting was for old ladies? I am the granny of this club, most are much younger than I am. We occupied two tables. I am never quite sure what the other Costa Cafe users think of a bunch of ladies knitting, crocheting, book swapping and generally chattering away but we do buy several cups of coffee,tea and juice, many buns and sandwiches so I don't think the owners are complaining.

I had a lovely surprise waiting for me with 2 more birthday presents. I have felt really spoiled and pampered this year. Eadaoin presented me with a lovely necklace and bangle in my favourite shades of lilacs and purples. I haven't done the jewelry much justice as it has been very dark today for photography. Eadaoin has been making jewelry for some time now and has her own Etsy site (click on my blog title and it should transport you there as if by magic) with very reasonably priced items for sale. She also does craft fairs along with Jennifer (another talented Knitty Nora) with a variety of things besides jewelry for sale. Eadaoin also makes some great stitch markers, She gifted me a set earlier in the year, a did Vicky and they have been so useful. I have one set for knitting and one for crochet. I belong to a talented bunch of ladies don't I?

Speaking of which isn't the Christmas card on my blog lovely and so appropriate for a knitter? It was handmade by Jean, yet another talented Knitty Nora. I must ask her if she has a sales site as I am sure such lovely hand made cards would appeal to a lot of people.

Sylvia and Kath gave me the lovely coloured crochet hooks. They have obviously heard me say many times that I scatter hooks behind me rather like a farmer sewing seeds so I can never have enough hooks. Whoever follows behind me must have a complete set of hooks by now!

Today I am having a duvet kind of day. I took one look at the weather and decided that there was no way I was venturing out in the cold. I made a big pot of leek and potato soup (enough for a few days) and snuggled up in my robe with the central heating on. Not much knitting or crochet for some reason so far but I intend to try to catch up with a few hours tonight.

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