Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday misty Sunday

I have had to make a little cosy for my new phone. It is very slim and shiny and has a tendency to slip out of my pocket or slide down and disappear into the depths of my bag. Now in it's cosy I can spot it and it seems to cling to my pocket lining. The button is from my late mother's button box and is, I think, a button from one of my late father's work overalls.

The February sweater is growing a little. As you know I changed the order of the knitting so now the 2 sleeves are finished and I am working my way down the body. I still haven't decided if it will be my Christmas cardigan or gifted.

The grey jacket is progressing and I am now half way up the second sleeve. The ribbing has to be added to the jacket body and the sleeves, the neckband and the button borders so there is still a way to go.

Last night and early this morning it was still very misty. Not as bad as Friday night when it was freezing fog. I looked out about 10pm and watched Mr Fox leisurely strolling in next door's front garden. He then visited mine briefly and strolled across the road to the house opposite for a rummage in the bushes in their garden. The reason I say Mr Fox is that I am used to seeing a smaller fox in my back garden, who I thought was female, but this one was much bigger with a longer bushier tail. We live quite near to a small woodland so it's not unusual to see various wildlife around and about but I can't quite get used to the rats that occasionally cross my path. Fortunately they don't venture into my garden very often due, I think, to a large colony of cats belonging to various neighbours who are always on a night patrol.

I went to the monthly Knit Out of the Noras today but I will write more abut that tomorrow.

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