Thursday, 13 November 2008

Not much to blog about

Still knitting the aran jacket. I am convinced though that it will not be big and baggy enough for my niece so am going to search in my pattern stash (I have 4 large boxes of patterns so I could be gone for quite a while) and try to find something more suitable. I will finish this jacket off and get some more wool for another one. I have almost finished the second front.The two sleeves and collar are just in knit 2 purl 2 rib so that should progress pretty quickly if there is anything good on the TV today. Thank goodness for the old re-runs of Father Dowling, Murder She Wrote, Bergerac and now I have Shoestring as well. I haven't quite got around to Starskey and Hutch yet but I will!

The sock knitting hasn't progressed one jot this week. I seem to be lacking motivation in that area. I think I am just concentrating on the aran.

I am still subduing my cravings for crochet. The urge is getting stronger everyday. I am indeed a crochetoholic. I will be giving in to temptation any day soon and grabbing a hook and wool for the sake of my sanity. The crochet wrap book that I have pre-ordered should be here on the 19th so I definitely will be raring to go then.

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Zuleika said...

What!? Now you have to knit something else? You must hate that you thought you were almost finished and will have to start over with another project. Maybe you should crochet something. :-)