Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dark wet Sunday weather

Apologies for the very dark photo of Buster but today's weather is filthy and dark. We woke up to a bit of snow being washed away by rain. I hate this dark dismal weather. I am sure that I suffer from the SAD syndrome in a mild form as this kind of weather really affects my mood. I find it so hard to be cheerful on a day such as today.

Buster is still not a happy doggy. He clings to my ankles as if I am going to disappear at any moment. Yesterday he was very naughty he cocked his leg at the door and started to relieve himself. He got scolded for that and put outside for a few minutes.He has never done that at my house before so I think it's a sign of distress. I have enjoyed his company but walking him for the last 2 days has played havoc with my back and knee so I am hoping that my son will want to take him home again after his weekend away. I thought that I was making good progress with my back but I think I need a course of physio before I can regain full mobility. I will ask at the hospital on the 26th. I am going to get them to take another look at the X rays of my knee as it is far from healed and still twice the size that it should be.

My crochet is still progressing I am on the second front of the cabled cardigan. I am knitting the February sweater in between to lessen the strain in my wrists. There is not much to show at the moment as I am still on the garter stitch yoke. If you click on the title of the blog you will be able to see what is should look like when it is finished. It's a free pattern by the way and I know. like me, that you like a free pattern.

The sun is feebly trying to shine and it looks like the rain has stopped so I think I should get out of my PJ's and take Buster out before it all goes dark and dismal again.

My niece came yesterday to give my hair roots a top up so I can appear in public again without the aid of a hat to cover up the dark roots! At my time of life I should be going grey or white and then I wouldn't have such a big problem. My mother didn't go grey until she was in her 70's so I must have got her genes. My brother is just starting to go grey now and he is almost 72.


June said...

I am so pleased I just had to tell you that I have been bidding on Ebay for the book Glorious Crochet Sweaters. I paid £3.20 for it, plus postage and I can't wait for it to be delivered to me. Thanks Jan for telling us about it in your blog.

Crobbles said...

I have always liked the February Lady Sweater. It will look wonderful in that warm vibrant colour. Just what you need to help on these dismal days.

Zuleika said...

Oh no, he must still be having trouble settling. Poor boy. Don't push yourself too much now. I hope your son will be able to take him back for a while.