Monday, 10 November 2008

Aran jacket back is finished

As you know I have been worried that my niece's Aran was turning out a bit on the small side. I am adapting the pattern from Chunky thickness to Aran, using smaller needles of course, so the size was always a bit on the experimental side. I have now finished the back and so decided to block it out and check the size before progressing to the fronts. I think I can now relax as it is looking large enough now for my slim niece. Whew! I still think that my knitting is looking very uneven for some reason. Perhaps it is lack of practise as I have been crocheting rather a lot lately.

The socks are still the same as Saturday. Not a row knitted on those. I am getting crochet withdrawal symptoms. Itching to get something on the hook. I think it is time to stand up and be counted. I am a crocheter at heart. I like the instant gratification of seeing my work grow in front of my eyes. I do admit though than some things are better knitted rather than crocheted. Socks and gloves for example.

I got up really late this morning. I am worse when I get too much sleep. I feel really groggy even now despite having an invigorating shower (no not cold). I perform better (steady - no not in that way!) on about 5 - 6 hrs sleep. Any less is not good but any more is an absolute disaster. I go into slug mode. Droopy, dreary and a bit depressed. Today isn't helping as it is typical November Manchester weather - dull and depressing.

I am watching Loose Women at the moment and enjoying a coffee. I think I will just do a bit of knitting this afternoon as I am not in the mood for anything strenuous.

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Zuleika said...

It's lookin good! Even though knitting is slower, it's still growing pretty fast I think.

Yay for crochet! I fall for the instant gratification it gives me every time. ;-)