Sunday, 16 November 2008

Glorious Crocheted Sweaters

This is one of my favourite books. I bought it some 20yrs ago for a couple of pounds from my local book store. When I queried the price I was told - It was ordered and then we discovered it had US crochet terms so no-one wants to buy it. How times have changed. Nowadays I can't buy a book that isn't US terms. I wanted to show that crochet isn't all openwork shawls and granny squares. This book shows many garments made in aran style stitches. I have made all of these garments photographed on here - some a couple of times and they make lovely warm jackets. Just in case you like the book and are lucky enough to find one on E-bay it was published by the Sterling Publishing Co.Inc. New York in 1989 and is edited by Nola Theiss. This book was one of my first introductions to multi coloured crocheting which is now called Tapestry crochet. I made many brightly coloured diamond patterned mohair jackets as was the fashion in the 90's. I also knitted some with colourful birds and flowers. Those were the days! I was unafraid to walk the streets wearing my technicoloured dream coats.

Why have I got the book off the book shelf now? Well after my aran knitting which I am still convinced is going to be on the small side I decided to have another go at making a cabled style jacket for my niece but as time is pressing on this next one will be crochet cables instead. The grey wool in the bottom photo is what I am going to use although I still have 5 balls of the never ending aran wool from the knitted jacket left. I am trying to make the collar of that jacket but having trouble trying to make my short rows on the collar look neat. If I can't get it looking right their way then I will unrip and do it my way. At the moment it is looking very uneven and amateurish. I may make a belt to hold the jacket together as it isn't really loose enough to wear as a swing jacket.

I should be doing some housework today but what the heck - I want to finish off this knitted aran as I am chomping at the bit to start some crochet.


Cat said...

Hey, thanks for the info on the sweater book! I am always looking for something to crochet that isn't "ordinary" and those sweaters are timeless! I am amazed at how certain books can be "right on" when they are printed and still "right on" 20 years later. I think I have two like that where all I have to do is change the colors on the pattern and I have a "new" pattern!

Thanks again! Enjoy your blog immensely!


Anonymous said...

I once had a knitting magazine with sweaters 3 and 4 in it. I was always going to make 4... I still would if i could find it lol.
I seldom comment but i've been reading your blog a long time. Did the cut down tree stuff ever get taken away?
aka rewselene

Mattenylou said...

Ohhh - I have that book!! Now I'll have to start the hunt for it! I made a couple of sweatercoats when I first got it, but then tuckd it away. I guess it's time to track it down and start another project. Thanks for the reminder!